Logic Vs Emotion


I have always loved to argue about stuff, I have been in just two places giving end or the recieving end, I hardly remember any case where i was just a spectator.
Recently I was part of an arguement which got really heated up, I am currently in a state where I am trying to control my expressions. trying not to speak unless you are spoken tokind of a face,I was trying hard not to get sucked into this but eventually i was done in.
As I was sitting there trying hard not to give out my points. I realsied how hard it is forthe 3rd person who does not want to be a part of the arguement. As i sat there my mind was going back to all kinds of arguements I have had in the past and try to imagine the plight of the 3rd person on site. Man I would really like to apologize to them, for giving them that crap. Just getting taste of my own medicine made me realize how bad the effect could be of the arguement on a spectator.
Coming back to arguement that was going on, I am till now not to decide which side I wason,,,I have not even thought about who was right. Then I realised the probable reason for that. An arguement or a debate should be done with common underlying agenda, otherwise both sides will end up hurt. This one I saw was one side with logical battle, What this side was saying any sane person would have never contradicted,But you see from the other side, that was pure emotion and sentiment, sentiments mind you becomes quadrupled when it comes to tradition and religion. People dont mind their ideas being dismissed but not thier sentiments.
My mind was swaying between the logical and my emotional needs, the sentiments on either sides where totally based on differant ideologies, I am sure on a normal day if either side has just considered one aspect of the debate, thinking just logically or just emotionally would have never had such a fight.


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