Weekend blues.


Thought will have a lazy weekend, be a couch potato, order a pizza, pick up a beer and enjoy champions trophy, no one at home can be so much fun.
Unfortunately none of it worked out, was forced to be at a relative place on saturday, Why cant people leave a person alone, I am grown up and can look afer myself and my stomach.
Thought Sunday would be better, but wasted time at a mall, which again was forced to goto.
I was never like this, would enjoy a company anyday, Is it work lifestyle or what, which has made me a loner, Nowadays I dont get bored to spend weeks together, alone, I have enough things to watch, read, most of all just to enjoy my life independantly.
This is like I am doing stuff not because I want to but, people want me to, Very similar to this would be I wake up and I have breakfast not becuase I am hungry but My mom wants me to have it.
I want to stay few days where I am not dictated by people or in most of the cases time. It should not be time for lunch, It should be something like man I am hungry where is the food.
Well your physical and mental state would be so similar right, thats exactly what I want to do intellectually, I want to talk to someone when I feel like doing it, not becuase It does not look nice If i dont respond.

All This makes me wonder when Did I become this loner.????

This weekend too I am going to coorg, not becuase i want to, but becuase I have too.. what a life.


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