Anonimity is overrated!. Really?


Identity theft might fast become a major problem in india, there is lot of ignorence about the identity theft, not many have heard about this. I know that in the US there is lot of propoganda regarding this, and was thinking how and when it would strike.
Ok first of all its not new, naming it is just a formality. It does happen in day to day life where someone come in as some body else and trys to get something out of a false identity
This has been glorified in movies like chitchor and not so famour MPKDH. [[you are right I will never grow out of movies ]]
But doing this in current high tech life could be too dangerous. There is lot at stake now a days, Some body can use ur name to do illegal activities. People need to be really carefull when you throw out your trash make sure the address label is shredded. That gives a lot of info to the outside world.First of all it has a persons full postal address, that can be used to register anythign to everything, Then credit card statement also give out the banks you deal with and also things like number of credits card u can afford, That gives a lot of info about the person’s financial status.
Next comes the phone number, Its very easy for that becoming public for not so big crimes, This results in lot of bugging from agencies specially on the mobile.
Girls would end up in lot more kinds of trouble. Yes I do sound a sexist here. I am sure all my female friends will agree, that chances of a guy getting a blank call are as bad as India winning any cricket match nowadays
Address, phone number aside, The biggest give away would be nothing but your full name. do you know one can send email with your name id to anyone. Its tougher to explain if first middle last name match..
Well all said and done, there is plenty of other things for thieves to do before they start stealing identity, Or so I thought. You never know when the terror strikes.


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