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Acquiring Taste

I had a long time back from someone that beer has an acquired taste, and people tend to like it only after a few drinks. My personal experience proved that to me, whether you like it or not once you start drinking it, you end up drinking it.

Today as I blog my last post for this year. I just cant imagine how much this last year has contributed to me as a person. I have always felt that the novelty to an year does not come on the 1st of jan, rather it comes through the new things you learn/do all through the year.Going by my belief of a new year. year of 2006 has gone really novel on a retrospect. And for all the new things I tried. Good bad or ugly I must thank the acquired taste.

By that I do not mean the Beer 🙂

So, conservative is what I am, for most of my life and sometimes am proud of it. But that shut out so many things in life. Thats what acquiring taste was all about in 2006. Firstly, I got to speak to many people who dont even know me, they dont judge me either. They dont even care about me. Old me would have never spoken to them . The day I started doing this. The view I had towards everything changed. Just the fact that there is so much to offer from each person made me realize, what I was missing.

My taste changed in movies I watch. I may not be watching popular movies, Nor have people to talk to about the movies I watch. But I got to watch some great views. I feel really proud to speak to some film student in Canada about something I watched sitting home.

So did the music change too. I came to know film music is not all that is. I have never liked too much of classical never into it. I have always liked lyrical songs. As I started to listen to more of soft rock, country and even jazz my taste totally changed. You feel proud when a person whom you have met once in life, offers his personal CD.

Then comes people, never been a people person, I hardly see it changing, But steps are always good. When today I have few but nice one spread as wide as japan to US I feel nice to have global perspective.

Last but not the least, Writing. I always had this problem, where I missed listeners. I felt I have so much to say but there were no interested people. Blogging solved this in a big way. As I did more of this. I came to know It was a way of letting out what you want to tell, It really does not matter who reads it, does any body read it, all this does not matter. Finally at the end of the week, When I post the things that I think about and hope that it is read by someone who is mature enough to handle the crap I dish out. There is no feeling better.

For every problem, there is a solution. And way you look at the problem is more important than the solution, because for many problems you face there might not be a solution. But approach is what matters, it solves have of your worries. Acquiring taste from others gives you a way lot of other options.

Hoping that the new year offers me a great deal of novelty and courage for me to accept them…

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Logic defies relationship. I am not sure how many people agree with me. A little strong, or so the words may seem. But I bet many of us out here would have wondered at least once “what was I thinking…”

Relationships and me do not gel well. I always think there are two kinds of relationships..I call them “Relationship by birth” and “Relationships whose birth you cannot trace”.

Every one has relationships by birth. Father Mother Sister Brother Grams and so on. They are something which come with ones birth. I am aware of some cases where even wife and love has been from birth. But thats totally a diff subject.

The other kind is what I am more interested in. One day out of blue you realize that Wow he was like a brother to me, A sister I never had, Leader i look upto, I need not even tell her and there she is for me, All this sounds a lot cheesier then really it is. Trust me on this.

How many of us, connected with a person you are related to distantly, so much that as we grew up, wish to go back to that one month where we spent time together. Just the concern towards a person or the one the other person had towards you makes you say, A sister I never had…

I have been thought by many teachers throughout my education. And I respect some a lot more than others. There has been a lot of cases where I have hated a person. 25 years down the lane when you totally lost track of that one person who made a lot of difference to you. Dont you feel like saying “Wish I could talk to her once.”

“Friends” is a way too special term to me. Just cannot attach this to someone. But then the word has been spoilt, just like words “Uncle and Aunt”. Every person older to you is an uncle, similar way everyone you say hi to cannot be a friend. But then there are some special people whom you wish can stay with you longer and talk to, give you answers to what ever question you have. And just be there for you.

This one is not very common, and ego has a lot to do with that. We always have problems and need someone to provide you answers, As kids there is always your father and then as you grow up its your friends and then finally when you are an adult, You need someone to stand by you whenever you have problems, This is not just problems with life, You need to help you out when you have problems with a particular subject or you have a problem at work, you need somebody there for you.
I have had many “guru”s who I always have believed know everything. And will help me in any problem.

But All the way along till now. there is one thing I missed totally. All these have been “You” centric. The “Relationship by birth” is atleast two way, But the problem comes with the second type. It need not be necessarily be a two way. Thats what hurts the most. When someway down the lane the other people forget to return the relationship..

Disconnect.. What a word. How would you disconnect with your friend/sister/teacher/leader ??. The answer might be dark.. But just the fact that disconnect is most common thing as the relationship ages.. makes me come back to my first statement. Logic defies relationship..

I just want to turn around and thank to all those people who have been unknowingly helping me as a friend/sister/teacher/leader and so forth.. And say sorry to all those where I could be the person who has disconnected.

PS: My profile on orkut says that I am connected to 80 odd people. Irony ha?

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Dont blame the youth

Looks like Indian society is growing, atleast that’s what the so called socialists feel. Personally I feel the extent of aping west has increased, thereby giving us a false picture of the society, People have conveniently removed the restrictions that were put on them from the society. And started to feel more independent.

I had seen this interview on TV of one of my teachers long time back. I used to really respect that teacher a lot so was keenly listening what she has to say. But I was shocked that even teachers have such a bad attitude towards the changing youth.

The discussion was that how today’s youth are misusing the Independence that is being given to them as a result of so called social liberation.
My teacher said, “Today’s youth does not know the difference between freedom and freewill. They think that Independence is free will and have started to live the way they want. without even thinking about it.”

I totally agree with her as far as the lack of knowledge in today’s youth. [ Not excluding myself]. Youth has hardly any idea as to where we need to use our freedom. It has more or less become free will.

The one thing which was damaging in her statement was the blame. Youth themselves are not responsible for their lack of knowledge. It all the more shows the lack of farsightedness in the blamer, who could not impart the knowledge to the youth. I blame the parents who interact so much with the kids, The teachers who spent almost all the daytime with kids. They cannot just escape saying youth don’t have the knowledge. It is their responsibility to teach them what it takes to exercise the freedom in the right sense.

When a parent asks a child to go to room and study, while he/she himself/herself watches TV, Who should be blamed when that child refuses to study?

When a teacher says smoking is bad, with himself carrying a pack of cigars in the shirt pocket do we think the knowledge is imparted?

When a girl is not asked to dress provocatively by a mother watching a TV soap with skimpy clad women, will the daughter listen?

The worst of the complaints I have heard is, “we were never like this when we were your age”. Common when they were young there was less opportunity to do bad stuff, Believe me whatever little opportunity was present they would have done the same thing.

I am not trying to defend the misuse of freedom. I am just trying to say that stop blaming the youth. Everyone is as responsible for this as any other person.
Instead try to solve the problem. Give youth the knowledge in a way which does not blame them.

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Mind Tuning

Here is the first of the 5 posts, which I wanted…
I am sure. everyone must have gone through this.
you may come across many people at work, They may not be working with you in your team, they may be working in the same building. Some person might catch your eye one day due to some reason. From that day you tend to see this person often. I mean you would be doing the same routine work at office, All these days you wouldn’t have seen him but after the first encounter you tend to see him often. Hasn’t this kind of thing made you wonder.
Same experience with a word, you would have never heard a word, First time you hear it and then you tend to hear that often.
Is it really a new thing which you are seeing/hearing now, that too so often, If not what were they doing before, why you didn’t see/hear them?

Well this is what I read from a book and its really interesting. The author talks about how the mind gets tuned to certain things. We would have heard/seen many things without interest, When some things grabs your attention due to some other reason. Your mind starts to observe those things more closely. In other words your mind gets tuned.

He also says. Mind tuning is a way of bridging the gap between the subconscious and conscious knowledge of your mind.

He then goes ahead and talks about how this can be used to achieve personal goals.
When you want to do something, your subconscious mind is always working towards it. Now when you make a list and hang it in your cube and then read it every now and then. Your mind tunes to your goal and your subconsciousness will get imparted onto your consciousness. you will now start to gain more focus towards your goal. Which finally results in you achieving the goal.

So next time you are asked to write an imposition, here is the reason

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Ti’s the season, to be Jolly, Follalla la lalla

Ti’s the season to be jolly, or atleast its supposed to be.
Few things first.
Decided to write at least one article for next five days.
Had a mixed bag as far as weekend goes.
Enjoyed many things for a change on the same weekend
Read a book
Wrote some satisfying stuff
Watched 4/5 episodes of one tree hill
Went out to 2 stupid malls, didn’t like a thing about this one.
Had nice food, well this was great.
So here I start the five day marathon with a short article.

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Small people Vs Sick minds

When you see two bad things, the most difficult thing is to find which of them is worse. So there goes the title small people and people with sick minds.
Both seem to be the super set of each other, But i have a fair share of both.
And I might be at top of these two lists of other people.
Wont try to get into that for sure in this post.
So who are these small people. are they different from sick minded?, let me site an example.
You are in a long queue for coffee at work, and this person who is educated and a professional cuts the line and gets his coffee, For me he is a small person. Either he does not realize thats a wrong thing to do, Or he does not respect the others in that queue.
Another example. All know that keeping up time is important. Waiting is hell for all.
For some it is more than others. Now you see this guy who keeps a bunch of people waiting, who have reworked their schedules to meet this guys schedule. He walks in late instead of apologizing he just argues that he is right in being late.
These two are like most common experience you would have had.
Common reactions to these would be.
1. Giving up and not caring.
2. Getting frustrated but keeping it to yourself and not creating a scene
3. Letting the person know how small he is in doing this
The answer you choose would totally depend on what persona you have. And all the three are right on its angle

Now take these examples and put the sickness in the offenders mind.

You have this person who cuts the line or has no respect to others time, come up to you and trying to talk you into doing the same so convincingly that seems to make that a great thing to do. Well thats sick to me.
Firstly I am strong enough to kick ass if someone trys to talk me into doing something which I dont believe in. But I can think of so many people who dont try to resist. I am not saying its bad quality. In fact I feel people like that are a lot happier. But who gives right to sick minded people to take advantage.

I had to take above two bad examples because these two are at the top of things that annoy me at work. And I always bail out with option 2, get frustrated and forget.

But think of really bad things like drugs, sex, theft, betrayal. Think of the extent of damage in these cases. The scars can be too dangerous. Gender does not matter.
[Yes, looks like my friend has had a lot of effect on me, I owe my efforts to unbiased thinking to her]

This guy has the guts to ask me, why arent you thinking of marriage? you are making good money and still why do you want to control your libido?.
As soon as I saw this I was happy first. This proves that I have a long way to go before I reach sick minds list. How can one think libido as the reason to get married. Being a guy I know we men have urges. But who in this world would want to marry and screw a girls life for that. If there are men who think like that they must be sick. They need therapy
To be honest I am biased here, I dont know a lot of women and what they think about marriage, what are their reasons for getting married or choosing to remain single.
But I hope there are no men/women who want to marry for wrong reasons, leave alone libido.

Speaking of marriage, I feel India is growing through something what went through in US around 1960/79 just around the time the Hippy movement stuck America. I dont think India is getting to that point 50 years late. I just feel America got there sooner. Its always been when people become independent, and they do not have enough knowledge of what Independence is, and they turn to heedlessness. They want to oppose whatever they asked to do, siting they are independent. I Dont want to comment who is right. the conservatives or so called progressive. I just want to make sure the decisions we make are not forced upon nor they made without thinking.

For all those, who keep trying to talk me into marriage, If have been too cowardly to say it on face, I would feel a little happy to say in here. “Backoff….”

You people do not know yourselves what you did was right or wrong, I am not sure you would have not even thought about it in retrospect. So before you jump into any of my lists,I want to repeat myself Backoff.

When will the term “Relationship” be made more important than marriage…

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Want to start over?

It would be so nice to start over our life, We would have dreamt this at one point of our life for sure, What if, we start over again.
I feel the most important reason to feel this is when we are trying to run away from something. There are always things in life which we regret or dont want to face. I wont call this cowardness, because it pretty much happens to everyone. I dont believe in adjectives if it applies to everyone.
So I read/saw somewhere that the best thing to come out of this feeling is to list things you want to run away from. This looks a great excersise, I decided to try this.
Ok here is the top five things I want to run away from.

1. My Image
IronMask, I have on, has begun to stink.
2. My Home.
There seems to be a point where, you feel home sick for an elusive home.
At a point you feel the home you were in, has grown into a building.
3. My feelings.
You want circumstances to dictate your feelings. The day I become numb to my surroundings,it will destroy me
4. My activities.
Whatever little I do, suck!!
5. People who fake like me
Here i might be wrong, as other persons fakeness is always a measure of your own insecurity

So with so much crap in mind, whats the one thing which holds me together??
this is a great question, I have put to myself many a times recently..
I feel answer to that is “Practicality”

I hate the person who instilled rationality in me. The day I begin to think out of this rational box, I might do something wild which I have always dreamt about.

I realize the fifer I came up with earlier is not what I want to run from.

Its a single point “Rationality”

And If I start over, I cannot get rid of it. So whats the point.
An Irony, Rational thinking about getting rid of rationality.
God save my soul

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I am not sure how they do this, Saw this on one of my friends blogs. and tried.
Man they are awesome Madhukar took the free personality test!

“Unwilling to participate and wishes to avoid all f…”

Click here to read the rest of the results.

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Very blank weekend

This weekend has been one of the blankest. there was absoutely no effort put by me to think over stuff, This is great going, by what crap I spend time on worrying thinking.
Had good food at home and outside. Finally bought a cool speaker system for my music.
Should start working on my music mixes, Well there goes the latest muse. I have listened to so much stuff over the years, want to try some mixes. Well thats what i would like to call it 🙂
This must be the shortest blog ever written by me