Judging’s Lam-E


Ok Here is the second part of the blog, I decided to split this weekends blog, One factual the other my soul crap. Too many swear words this weekend, Need to find the cause….Ok lets get to the topic. Whats Judging;s Lam-E thats to say how lame judging a person Is.
Had been to the Eye Doctor today, whole day was spent waiting for various tests to be done. As I was sitting opposite to the receptionist, I was seeing many people walk in, Young, Old, Girls , women, Aunts, [Didnt look much at male gender for obvious reason]. [slight door for getting called a cheapskate]. Anyways let me continue…
I used to see them from the point they crossed the gate to a point where they spoke to receptionist, They must be taking at max 2 minutes to do this. And I used to make a judgement on them, their hair, their style, their behaviour, their problems something or the other. As i realised this, I wanted to correct myself then and their itself, so I started to play this game, where I would consciously make an effort not to judge people, And how many persons in a row i can avoid judging, Man it was tough. well at the end of this game I realized how many people would have judged me too. Everything about me is weird and geeky, so all the more reasons for people to judge me. This thougt kind of comforted me but really put more curiosity about others judgement of me.
This week has had a mixed bag, work wise was happy mostly, amazingly non work wise also was happy for most of the week, spent some good time chatting with friends, some new ones and some old ones. fought only 4 times at house, and also pretty much controlled my anger, not much frustration either.


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