Lazy’s day out


Its really tough to make my ass get of home on weekends, Really tough. I am not sure what the motivation was today, but finally did it, I went out, had fun . Sounds not a big deal?, But to a lazy guy like me it was something special. Is it lazyness or anything else which held me back? Really dont want to think about that, As of now Happy, is what I am.
Its amazing, to know what people like. What we like really lacks logic. I have been trying to put a theory as to what I like. But really tough to find a pattern. I do have a wierd pattern of likes. But Then you meet a person after a long time and person you have not known so well before, And you see same pattern, What are you supposed to do? Feel happy that you did find someone as crazy likes as you?. try to keep the conversation going to see, was it just a few things or you really like similar things? what to do? something new to me..
Its strange shows, hobbies, interests, coffee and also experiences. Its nice to know once in a way, there are people who may have remotely same interests as you. In todays fast busy world, do you really get to catch up with friends? nope, unless you force yourself out nope.
And then its not that you dont want to, I was sure I would not be bored, but the first steps are tough. That too after a long break. All depends on how do you go from there on..
On the whole Lazy did have fun.

On a totally differant front, Started the day with 2 dilemas, Seem to be pretty much know whats my stand on them now, atleast on one of them.
1. What do you do, when you feel what your friends doing may not be the best thing at that point, And you dont have a concrete reasoning about your opinion, Do you tell him/her or just brood over it. A few years back I would have not had this, I never cared about someone so much as to think for someone else.
2. What do you do, when you find out that people who meant so much to you, do not feel the same about you? Do you keep on your end up or just allow the relationship die down?

I know I can count how many people might read my blogs, I dont even need fingers on one hand to do that, but still looking for answers 🙂


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