Want to start over?


It would be so nice to start over our life, We would have dreamt this at one point of our life for sure, What if, we start over again.
I feel the most important reason to feel this is when we are trying to run away from something. There are always things in life which we regret or dont want to face. I wont call this cowardness, because it pretty much happens to everyone. I dont believe in adjectives if it applies to everyone.
So I read/saw somewhere that the best thing to come out of this feeling is to list things you want to run away from. This looks a great excersise, I decided to try this.
Ok here is the top five things I want to run away from.

1. My Image
IronMask, I have on, has begun to stink.
2. My Home.
There seems to be a point where, you feel home sick for an elusive home.
At a point you feel the home you were in, has grown into a building.
3. My feelings.
You want circumstances to dictate your feelings. The day I become numb to my surroundings,it will destroy me
4. My activities.
Whatever little I do, suck!!
5. People who fake like me
Here i might be wrong, as other persons fakeness is always a measure of your own insecurity

So with so much crap in mind, whats the one thing which holds me together??
this is a great question, I have put to myself many a times recently..
I feel answer to that is “Practicality”

I hate the person who instilled rationality in me. The day I begin to think out of this rational box, I might do something wild which I have always dreamt about.

I realize the fifer I came up with earlier is not what I want to run from.

Its a single point “Rationality”

And If I start over, I cannot get rid of it. So whats the point.
An Irony, Rational thinking about getting rid of rationality.
God save my soul


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