Small people Vs Sick minds


When you see two bad things, the most difficult thing is to find which of them is worse. So there goes the title small people and people with sick minds.
Both seem to be the super set of each other, But i have a fair share of both.
And I might be at top of these two lists of other people.
Wont try to get into that for sure in this post.
So who are these small people. are they different from sick minded?, let me site an example.
You are in a long queue for coffee at work, and this person who is educated and a professional cuts the line and gets his coffee, For me he is a small person. Either he does not realize thats a wrong thing to do, Or he does not respect the others in that queue.
Another example. All know that keeping up time is important. Waiting is hell for all.
For some it is more than others. Now you see this guy who keeps a bunch of people waiting, who have reworked their schedules to meet this guys schedule. He walks in late instead of apologizing he just argues that he is right in being late.
These two are like most common experience you would have had.
Common reactions to these would be.
1. Giving up and not caring.
2. Getting frustrated but keeping it to yourself and not creating a scene
3. Letting the person know how small he is in doing this
The answer you choose would totally depend on what persona you have. And all the three are right on its angle

Now take these examples and put the sickness in the offenders mind.

You have this person who cuts the line or has no respect to others time, come up to you and trying to talk you into doing the same so convincingly that seems to make that a great thing to do. Well thats sick to me.
Firstly I am strong enough to kick ass if someone trys to talk me into doing something which I dont believe in. But I can think of so many people who dont try to resist. I am not saying its bad quality. In fact I feel people like that are a lot happier. But who gives right to sick minded people to take advantage.

I had to take above two bad examples because these two are at the top of things that annoy me at work. And I always bail out with option 2, get frustrated and forget.

But think of really bad things like drugs, sex, theft, betrayal. Think of the extent of damage in these cases. The scars can be too dangerous. Gender does not matter.
[Yes, looks like my friend has had a lot of effect on me, I owe my efforts to unbiased thinking to her]

This guy has the guts to ask me, why arent you thinking of marriage? you are making good money and still why do you want to control your libido?.
As soon as I saw this I was happy first. This proves that I have a long way to go before I reach sick minds list. How can one think libido as the reason to get married. Being a guy I know we men have urges. But who in this world would want to marry and screw a girls life for that. If there are men who think like that they must be sick. They need therapy
To be honest I am biased here, I dont know a lot of women and what they think about marriage, what are their reasons for getting married or choosing to remain single.
But I hope there are no men/women who want to marry for wrong reasons, leave alone libido.

Speaking of marriage, I feel India is growing through something what went through in US around 1960/79 just around the time the Hippy movement stuck America. I dont think India is getting to that point 50 years late. I just feel America got there sooner. Its always been when people become independent, and they do not have enough knowledge of what Independence is, and they turn to heedlessness. They want to oppose whatever they asked to do, siting they are independent. I Dont want to comment who is right. the conservatives or so called progressive. I just want to make sure the decisions we make are not forced upon nor they made without thinking.

For all those, who keep trying to talk me into marriage, If have been too cowardly to say it on face, I would feel a little happy to say in here. “Backoff….”

You people do not know yourselves what you did was right or wrong, I am not sure you would have not even thought about it in retrospect. So before you jump into any of my lists,I want to repeat myself Backoff.

When will the term “Relationship” be made more important than marriage…


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