Acquiring Taste


I had a long time back from someone that beer has an acquired taste, and people tend to like it only after a few drinks. My personal experience proved that to me, whether you like it or not once you start drinking it, you end up drinking it.

Today as I blog my last post for this year. I just cant imagine how much this last year has contributed to me as a person. I have always felt that the novelty to an year does not come on the 1st of jan, rather it comes through the new things you learn/do all through the year.Going by my belief of a new year. year of 2006 has gone really novel on a retrospect. And for all the new things I tried. Good bad or ugly I must thank the acquired taste.

By that I do not mean the Beer 🙂

So, conservative is what I am, for most of my life and sometimes am proud of it. But that shut out so many things in life. Thats what acquiring taste was all about in 2006. Firstly, I got to speak to many people who dont even know me, they dont judge me either. They dont even care about me. Old me would have never spoken to them . The day I started doing this. The view I had towards everything changed. Just the fact that there is so much to offer from each person made me realize, what I was missing.

My taste changed in movies I watch. I may not be watching popular movies, Nor have people to talk to about the movies I watch. But I got to watch some great views. I feel really proud to speak to some film student in Canada about something I watched sitting home.

So did the music change too. I came to know film music is not all that is. I have never liked too much of classical never into it. I have always liked lyrical songs. As I started to listen to more of soft rock, country and even jazz my taste totally changed. You feel proud when a person whom you have met once in life, offers his personal CD.

Then comes people, never been a people person, I hardly see it changing, But steps are always good. When today I have few but nice one spread as wide as japan to US I feel nice to have global perspective.

Last but not the least, Writing. I always had this problem, where I missed listeners. I felt I have so much to say but there were no interested people. Blogging solved this in a big way. As I did more of this. I came to know It was a way of letting out what you want to tell, It really does not matter who reads it, does any body read it, all this does not matter. Finally at the end of the week, When I post the things that I think about and hope that it is read by someone who is mature enough to handle the crap I dish out. There is no feeling better.

For every problem, there is a solution. And way you look at the problem is more important than the solution, because for many problems you face there might not be a solution. But approach is what matters, it solves have of your worries. Acquiring taste from others gives you a way lot of other options.

Hoping that the new year offers me a great deal of novelty and courage for me to accept them…


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