Inspired by the 2 Way


Inspiration to do something can come from any thing that happens to you,
As small as a trip home from work, or as big as you becoming the President
it all depends on how open you are towards the opportunity
And for moody guys like me, It all depends on the mood.

I sat on the back seat
Windows wide open into the world
Blackened were the windows
Still could see the outside world
And they had no clue.
Music in my ears, lots of noise outside
But still, All I could hear was me.
People inside, high were their noises
Still the person I could here was only me
They joked around, on useless stuff
Me trying to put up, with a fake smile.
The iron mask I had on, was winning like a pro
They discussed me and my life, and the others around
Couldn’t they realize, it really didn’t matter.
I nodded and smiled, Until I could.
No one was seeing the bored hood.
Failed did they, in knowing the inside
Couldn’t they realize, all wasn’t really well
It was not a joke, certainly not for me
And they didn’t stop torturing me,
Just then I looked around, to see
Many with music in ears, and thought on their faces
Then I understood, wind blew the other way too
Ear plugs and Ironmask they had it all.
I wasn’t the only one putting up with all
For some it was concern, for others it was fun
Mask or real, it was definitely not a pun
Voice in my head shut up
Music in the plugs did get a sit up
There I sat on the back seat.

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  1. Not everybody has a mask on… And not everybody notices the other’s mask … Wherez the fear? Whats the fear? Who you trying to hide from? Is it helping any?

    Nice poetry by the way ! 🙂

  2. @Saumya
    Hmm agreed not everybody has the mask on, And Its an art to identify the mask.. But in the poem it was more meant as a hint to say there might be many masks around and if you carefully look there might be more people around you in the same boat as you are.
    Deafness amidst noise and fake smile on the face was supposed to represent the lack of effect of surrounding when only thing you listen to is voice, many times you have this voice in head which does not go away whatever you do..
    Its not who we hide from, its what we hide and .. Is it really helping, no idea 🙂

  3. nice poem 🙂
    i see myself in it!!! it happens many times that i hear only me. voice inside my head becomes so loud.. like as if m in a serial and my thoughts are dubbed over the scene!!! 😛

    SSNAB, you know I still remember the day as I sat on the back seat.

  4. Very perceptive.
    I think we all wear a mask. It is the ‘I’ we present to society. There is another ‘I’ deep inside, behind the facade.

    Excatly Anthony, thats what I meant

  5. i do agree we al wear masks,, and as much as i like to see everyone have the opportunity to be themselves… sometimes the masks are a lot more pleasant to deal with than the actual person….

    on a lighter note,, i was hoping you would so some “slut” poetry… that would be a very different voice for you!!!!!!!LOL

    Hmm, why are masks pleasant Paisley, shouldn’t they look more ugly?.. or may be they look ugly when they find out that they are masks.
    I need to send you an email regarding the slut poetry :), have no clue what it means

  6. I wonder if you are blushing after paisley’s comment…:)

    this is an excellent piece here…your voice and the voice outside.

    Well not blushing, but wondering 🙂
    thansk UL

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