Idol Worship is not always about GOD


Just some time ago, was telling a friend that most my posts are depressing because I feel like writing only when I am depressed. So for a change I thought let me blog, when I am happy..

There have been some reasons to be happy in recent past. Firstly 2006 ended greatly, No I didn’t have a blast, Some things did happen which made me happy, And then some things work wise also made me happy over the first week in 2007. Did have a nice weekend too. Did things I like, read some movie reviews, couple of books reviews, wrote a poem, watched some things I like, hung out with cousin. and had a loooooong chat with a friend.

Beauty about this mind, is that it works differently for different people. The opinion one has is very personal, and does have a great influence on others opinion, Hmm. a little lost here.But everyone has their own perspective, and more the people you know, more knowledge they give you. Its amazing how people who are just brought up in the same society can have so contrasting and beautiful opinion about things.

The problem however is lack of communication and interest in each others ideas. But did get a new perspective here, saying people might be busy. And then I realized the priorities in life differ. And One mans interest may be other mans boredom. But there are enough people in the world with similar interests. And it is a matter of time for me to find some.

There are leaders and then there are followers. But there are some more who are admirers. I think I am the 3rd category. I have always admired people. I don’t want to call it inferiority complex, Cause I have never felt inferior, But I always felt that some people are good at something, and I always tried to learn that from them. I am a little selfish here. I feel my admiration is mainly a means for me to learn what they are good at. But many times I feel they are really good.

Admiration has been in at a personal level, and don’t want to mention the names. But As a student I admired a lot of my peers. I made it a point to learn from them.. But intent was Marks. Later They became good friends and the intent vanished Admiration remained. Well bad reason but good result in the end.

So admiration continued at work. At one point I mentally prepared a list of things I admired in each one in the team and developed a little of those things. I never felt inferior though, and not even close to jealous.

As I speak of admiration, There are a huge list of things I have admired in fantasy, may not got chance to talk to them in reality, at least not in all cases. But Admired nevertheless.

1. Dedication to work: Prostitutes. Really its tough to dedicate yourselves to something which you don’t believe in but circumstances has pushed you towards it.
2. Seriousness towards life: child labour. They really work passionately for a little food, and their concern towards their parents
3. Happiness: People at old age homes. I never see them sad, Anybody can be happy with lot of money and youth behind themselves.
4. Fighting Spirit: Indian cricket team: Kidding…
terminally ill patients. You never want to fight a lost battle, But they do.

But lastly, I have always admired one thing. In fact I always wondered why dint I get a friend of this kind. I would love to talk to..

5:Courage: Single mom, Do I have to say anything. Single moms/dads have always been a lot of inspiration to me. I am not sure why on earth I feel this way but. They are really great.
The sacrifice and compromise, that too for something which may not even be in a state to realize how lucky and grateful it is towards them.


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  1. I admire people too. But even if I admire someone, I can accept the flaws. For example, I admire Mahatma Gandhi but am acutely aware of the flaws of his character. A blind follower would justify all his actions. Or rather, blind followers do not see the flaws.

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