Fight against your beliefs


Alfred Korzybski said “There are two ways to slide easily through life: to believe everything or to doubt everything; both ways save us from thinking.”
I don’t agree with this. Many of us take things seriously and beliefs are one of the factors which hold us together in our day to day life, It matters in the decisions we make also in the stands we take. It in a way builds a persons Image and also his personality. I feel Belief is very important; This makes it all more important to believe in something which is right.
In a nerdy language its like axioms which do not have proofs, however we use them in proving theories. So if you have your axioms wrong, so will be your theory.
Its always good to fight for your belief, Its make a lot of sense to fight for something which you feel is right. A person’s belief is not something which can be formed overnight; It takes a lot of time. And also people around the person and their beliefs have a great influence. So this again boomerangs onto the individual who chooses his company and time he spends in thinking over the right things to adapt.
As I said earlier it is really easy to fight for something you believe in, because you already have a huge set of reasons which made you believe in it in the first place. The problem is when you want to fight your own belief. That takes a lot of courage and lot of dilemmas to resolve.
I have always hated changes, Changes of any kind, Time I wake up, Food I like, The music I listen to, Friends I hang out with, I can go on and on. The list will never end. I am so not used to changes that when I walk on the pavement I make sure I jump the same stone every day. But lately I have felt this may not be all that great. Changes are something which is very natural. By not accepting them I am making it harder to myself, Moving on in life is really important; I who boast of having a strong am finding it really hard to accept that I cannot make things not to move on. It’s like realizing one day you have lost all the power, And from them on You are just faking the power and pleasing yourself. Just as Irene Peter said “Just because everything is different doesn’t mean anything has changed”.
I have always been proud of Indian culture, I should rather put it as traditional conservative Indian culture, There are few things which have been a taboo in our culture, And the people felt not talking about it is the right way to deal with it. I really agreed with them on this one. I thought Forgetting about a problem is also one of the solutions to it. I had this interesting incident where a lady started talking to me in general about sex in Indian culture, I said its a big taboo and we avoid talking about it, specially with people. And she quickly remarked saying, If sex is a taboo in India why does it have such a huge population. I was really stumped, and didn’t have an answer at that point. It made me realize, Its not that sex is taboo, its more or less sexuality which is a taboo. After that I did a little research and was amazed to find the references to sexuality in so called sacred books of Hindu religion. Don’t want to get into details and make this more controversial, but people who don’t believe in this can find out the truth. again my point here was the belief here was I was proud of our culture ended up finding out the hypocrisy and lies hidden. people really lack knowledge and all our beliefs have a wrong base, The lack of information really creates a bad influence on the persons growth if not corrected.
Recently there was an article in the daily newspaper regarding PDA. its their way of putting Public display of Affection. A few years back I would have just said what’s wrong with today’s youth, Again belief, I was thought to behave in a way society says its correct.
But really what are they trying say is good or bad. I really don’t have an opinion as to people should do it or not. But the thing I have a dilemma is about the reason they do it. I got to say only two i can think about is love and lust. But I really make myself believe that people who are doing it out there are in real love or in fact not in lust either, I feel they just want to look cooler among their peers or they want to do this because they are told not to do it. My opinion might be totally prejudiced here, But still its an opinion. The point here is the belief, when people are made to believe there is something wrong in displaying Affection. It makes them all the more curious to do it. Its similar to an argument which I had with my colleague long time back about. Legalizing prostitution in Thailand, I was totally for it and he against. My point was, You know its been there from a long time, And its going to happen if you legalize it or not, So why not legalize it and educate the people more about the health precautions you need to take. They talk so much about growth and progressive society. If we are all stuck with what we were thought not to think about, how will we grow.
Finally it boils down to changes and our acceptance factor towards it.
As Harold Wilson said He who rejects change is the architect of decay. “


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