Looking out, do we need it?


Its really great to protect someone, looking out for them, making them feel we are always there for them, making sure they do not make mistakes, and if they do cover for them.All of us would have done one or more of this for friends, relatives, people we care about at one point of our life. At the end of it we feel happy. But the question is should we?

Lot of places, we get to decide what we do, and we decide based on our support system. Some do it based on the risk factor, some do it on instincts, some do it on advice and some they just do it. None of the above decision making methods can guarantee success, but some more than others have been proven more in the history, and again it boils down to a person’s nature to choose any method.

I have always looked out for people I care, and in many cases gone out of the way to make sure they do not end up making the mistake. But lately I have developed alternate thinking towards it. Lately there has been a lot of change and one is my approach. Recently, I have had some dilemmas, where I felt a dear one was making a mistake. A friend, A relative and A colleague. All three in different facets in my life. I do not want to mention the mistakes, as I do not want to offend them, In fact that was the whole point.As I choose, not to tell them. What I really felt about their decision. I realized, its important to let them make mistakes. they might suffer a problem or two, but it sure makes them learn. All the 3 people involved, I was sure they are mature enough to deal with their mistakes, and am sure they would come out of it more strongly.

Indian society is guilty of too much looking out. There are too many people to tell you what to do and what not to. But if the person is not let to learn from the smaller mistakes, what would he do when he gets to face the real problems in life.

Relationships, priorities and money all can be a big thing, but till one point of time in life, they can be corrected. But a person learning to fight his own battles, more than that owning up to his mistakes and overcoming it, is a bigger lesson to teach, rather then using the shortcuts and providing them with an answer.


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  1. I agree that Indians by culture are always on the lookout for somebody. parents, siblings, friends, children.. its inherent in our culture I guess. And I totally agree when you say that people should learn from their own experiences. But it is always good to inform people about their mistakes or rather your perspective of their mistakes. Whether to take it or not is left to the individual under “scrutiny” 🙂

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