Its such a fast paced world.. but your mind works faster, and change, its the fastest.

Me: I just got hold of this quote
“Every song will end, but that is not a reason not to enjoy the music”

Her: its not that i don’t wanna enjoy the song just because it has to end. i don’t really like the song, y’know. do you get what i mean?

Me: You don’t like your song or any song, if you don’t like your song, you can change it, if you don’t like any, keep looking out for more, I am sure process of looking out is fun.

Her:You know, there are two ways in which i enjoy songs (literally and figuratively)
1. i just drown in its beauty
2. and/or when i can sing along.
and i have come across a few which have enthralled me, but they either got over too soon or they were beyond my singing capabilities. lets just say the notes were too high for me to reach.

This is what I wanted to achieve when I started blogging, exchange of perspectives.
Am I dreamless, Who was I kidding?
If I do not have a dream right now, I think I have already started looking out, and as I told my friend here, enjoying every bit of it. When the new dream comes along I think I will be all set to Chase.


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