I dont know what made me write this…


As we grow up, as our perspective changes, so does our habits and practices, have you ever wondered, who did we get this habit from? or how did I develop this practice?
We meet so many people, some more regularly then others, some are related to us, some friends and some who work with us and its amazing that how much influence they have on the way we think, the language we speak, shows we are attracted to, music we begin to like and the people we admire.
I am not saying that this is good or bad, I am just observing that this happens.So the habits we develop, all of them need not be good, when I say this I am not going to write upon the bad outcomes of peer pressure and stuff like that. There are so many things which really do not have such an impact on us, Or at least that’s what we think, but when thought in deep, it brings out what you really admire in the people who influenced you.
When I was very small, I had seen my father read a lot, I used to hate that so much, He had very little time at home and during that he used to read. I have done all tricks to prevent him from reading, In fact many times I have hidden the book when he is at office, so that when he comes back he would not find it. I was so little interested in reading.Then as I grew up and was in school got lot into comics and magazines, I could hardly sit through a book without pictures [As one of my friends nicely put in her profile]. I saw that my father was no longer reading novels but he was now reading a lot on spirituality and philosophy. I used to think who on earth would read this boring stuff, I would never do this in my life. Now When I am into such books makes me realize, was it just phases we grow up?, or is it something which was his influence or just his gene doing its work?
I used to make a lot of fun of my mother growing up, she liked to get up very early and never used put the lights on, she used to walk around in the dark. I always used to say she must have been a cockroach in the previous birth, explaining the love for the darkness. By the time I passed out of college, I had totally gotten into her habit, I always used to prefer walking around in the dark. It kind of gave me confidence that even If I dont have everything I need to achieve something I will somehow do it and do it well. I think In a way when my father was out working in a different city, It gave my mother some mental strength and confidence when she did this, that she does not need anything else she can do it.This must be a gene thing. right?
So next question is can we get everything from others, I wish I could get the carefree worryless extrovert nature from my father and the patience and financial command from my mother. [Many do say I seem to have lost it lately :)].
After all these years we have been through we have been gifted with lot of unknown things from lot of people and biggest of them from our parents. I may never be able do to this to them directly, I just want to say “Thank you”


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