Dare to admit you think odd?


I have to admit “No” most of the times I don’t. How many of you who read my posts think “I think different”?, If you really know me in person, without these posts, how many of you still believe “I think different?”. If all people I knew were to be asked this questions the number would reduce into way to less to count.

I generally tend to believe there must be some good in everything which people say bad. Its mostly because of my experience with people, most of them hypocrites like me. [May be a way lot more hypocrites]. People generally tend to say something is bad in following situations.
1. They hardly know anything about it.
2. They want to do it, but they cannot admit in public so end up trying to overcompensate
3. They don’t want to be the “One”, who voices against public opinion.In most of my life,
I have been in the third category. I must admit a part of the change I am trying to bring within me. Is to move as far as I can from the third category.

BPO seems to be hot topic among grown up men. I happened to be amidst a group of people who were generally talking about BPO girls. I think all the information they have about them is through the useless newspaper. I need not tell when it comes to BPO girls whats the talk of the town. I could not stand anymore, when they started talking against younger boys and girls, and their weakness due to proximity during night shifts. I finally voiced my opinion saying I don’t think that really happens. Even if it does, its not much different from work place romances in any day job like even our office. And there was a lot of talk about livin relationships. As I am a big Pro livin guy. I really started arguing it as nothing to do with sex. Finally I was asked would I do it. to which I said I may not, but I would definitely wouldn’t be against it. So I was termed this modern Indian westerner who does not understand Indian culture. I could not believe that I was termed that. But nevertheless.

I recently had a post of the my visual DNA, I am sure not many would have tried to see the link. What really surprised me was the photos I had chosen, Around 75% of them I had chosen was least chosen by others in the same category. Does it mean I don’t think like others? May be a little.

Let me list some of the socially wrong opinions I have had. I would not say they are correct or wrong, They are just my opinions.

I have always liked salman khan the hero. I don’t care what he does in person and if he needs to be punished. But as an actor I would watch his movies any day. If you want me to hate him because of his religion or because of his private life I Cant. I am always for legalizing all illegal professions In India. Anyways we know it happens if it is legal or not. I feel it does make it more safe and more people can really benefit.

I always have felt, India should not have democracy. Unless we are ruled we tend to be unruly.

People are way to much overrated and judged, Indians should understand privacy and tend to care less about others and more about themselves.

I have always felt a little selfishness is good. I believe we need to look out for ourselves.

sex is way to overrated. All the latest gossip topics in media like adultery, livin relationship, pre martial sex etc. are mainly discussed in a point of view of sex. Have we ever seen a movie/discussion or a conversation where people talk about the emotional reasons for the above? Grow up people.


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  1. Is that the reason you said you did not like “the book” in front of others whereas in private conversation with me you said it was OK? Some hypocrisy this 🙂

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