Yet another happy post- What has happened to me.


Including today I have lived for 9286 days. Out of these days there are only few days which I can remember. Of those days there are only few which really stand out,I thought it would be really nice to identify these days, and may be come up with some of the biggest days and reasons why they are so big.

1.[Reality] For most of my early childhood my father used to work away from home. Of the few days he used to visit us, this gem of a day happened. I must have got results of some test from school. I think I was in my 7th grade. I think my scores were a little off, that test, and I was a little over confidant In saying I Will make up in the coming tests. And My father said “The way you are born, Its not going to be easy out there, unless you score”.This must have been one of the biggest day in my life. From that day onwards whenever I got good or bad marks never forgot this statement.

2. [Determination] I have studied across many schools, and have been above average student in almost all of them. I happened to join a more prestigious school for my high school. There for the first time I came across stiff competition from my peers. They had just announced the results of the first test and I stood 11th in the class. This fellow student came up to me and told me.”Did you think you can outshine us easily?”. I will never forget that person in life. I was so determined after that, I have never felt the same energy after that in my entire life. I might have performed better than that later, and he might have not, But I think no one ever had challenged me till then I guess. I can still remember what time of the day it was, where we were standing and the expression in my face after hearing that.

3.[Appreciation] I was in my 10th grade and we used to have just one games period per week, and we used to wait with so much anticipation for this 45 minutes. So in one such period, I was called for to meet my class teacher. Let me tell a little about my class teacher. She was such a pain to me, She never cut any slack and always used to point out my mistakes, never appreciated that. The environment I grew up easily made me point it to her religion and convinced that she was biased towards me. So coming back to that day. I went and stood silently in front of her in the staff room, there were like 10-15 more teachers in there, and she announces to them “This is XXXXXXXX I was talking about”. And then she asks me to leave. I came to know why she was introducing me later. But that day seeing the pride in her eyes for me, This must be the best appreciation I will ever receive.

4. [Reward]. It was beginning of my final year of my engineering, and the software industry was just out of slump, not many companies coming in to campus, and I was determined to work and not continue study anymore. After doubting my abilities for 3 years I was so low on self confidence that day, And finally it happened, they said at 2am I was the person selected. I must have been so many times happy with the kind of scores I got, the kind of rewards and recognition but this one was the biggest for me. This got my self confidence back. I am not sure what state I would be If I was not selected that day.

These 4 were like the biggest days I could choose. There Is one more day, I didn’t want to club with my materialistic days, as it is a little personal. Here it is.

5. [Realization]. That day I came to know that, there were possibilities that the hints given by her and her friends might have been true. after so many years of dismissing everything. this though a little sad, as nothing could have been done, but will still be one of the biggest days.[nothing more on this one]

I do have a wish though, to all people who read this. Try this exercise, This has brought back so many happy and sad memories, and also made me think how important it was to me. I am sure all of you will enjoy doing the same.

And going with my earlier theme. “Joy of being Discovered” Lets see if anyone has the patience to rate 1-4 of the days I was talking about. Lets see how many come close.


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