Emancipation – Dont know what to say


Before I start my ramble, as this is not such a common concept amongst us, I have just copied a para about the legal meaning of the word Emancipation from Wikepedia. Here it goes

Emancipation of minors is a legal mechanism through which a person below the age of majority gains certain civil rights, generally identical to those of adults. An emancipated minor is free of any authority from his or her parent or other legal guardian. The extension of these rights, as well as the remaining prohibitions, vary according to the jurisdiction.

Now practically speaking, its like divorcing your parents. I am not sure why, but I have never thought divorce as painful, I have always felt if that’s happening the couple end up happier than staying on, much like the “break ups” which seem to be so common on campus. But just a wild thought about Emancipation, stirred my whole set of beliefs.

Not so long ago divorces were very uncommon in India, and now it kind of eased itself into our society, and I felt Emancipation is not that far. So being the self proclaimed imaginary, I started imagining how would I feel If I were to file for Emancipation. Legally speaking there is nothing I can emancipate from, Only thing I would accomplish is totally get out of any legal obligations I hold towards my parents, and in the similar way my parents will get rid of any legal commitments towards me.

The whole point of this post was not the legality, as all my other posts, its about emotions attached. Parents have a really odd way of showing their emotions. We cannot blame them because, they are also disciplinarians, providers and also menders of any problems we face. With all that added on the real emotions can get hidden when doing different duties. Now if they have to think they need not do any of these roles, its kind of scary. Next time they see their son fall, they need not lift him up, they see their son sick they need take him to the hospital, when he has no food to eat, they cannot provide him food. Just think all this they have to do, when they are doing fine by gods grace.Can you imagine this? Letting your children struggle when you are happy?

I might not have strong paternal instincts yet, nor do I understand this aspects of other parents, And I definitely have never had a chat with a girl/mother about their maternal instincts. But I cannot see doing this to my children.

Now I could have written the same thing with a role reversal, where a son may lead a good life with parents struggling. But the relationships are not equal on both ways. When a son/daughter faults in taking care of their parents, it is kind of his job to take care, so if he doesn’t he is to blame. [Let me put it this way, we have seen lonely parents when children have not taken care of them].In most of these cases, it is his decision, so the pain may not be much for him at least.

The other way round where parents are forced not to take care of children. This somehow haunts my thoughts.

BTW the biggest question on my mind now is, Why do I think about all these things?


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  1. Rambler.. answer to your last questions.. YOU ARE CERTAINLY DIFFERENT AND THINK DIFFERENTLY.. something you had talked about in one of your early posts . 🙂

    anyway.. good topics.. keep it going..

    Sure many of us would have wanted that freedom during our adolescence. But I guess, laws and social order has been made with quite a few considerations. Emancipation is allowed for the outliers in special conditions where some need to break the normal social order..

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