Cubeland Crooners


Working in corporate is taxing, but not always. You get some free entertainment too. How many of us listen to music when we work? most of us right. But more fun than that, is listening to the crooners around you.

I always have had some nice neighbours, who provide me with all kind of music. Some provide me with only lyrics and some provide me with brilliant music either by banging their desks or crooning the instruments too. The language too is not a limit, I get to hear english, hindi, tamil, telgu and even gujrati some times.

But the best part of these crooners are the facial expressions that comes on without their knowledge. Sometimes I stop my work and try to observe the passion in their faces as they try to blast the song out, with the earphones on.

Dont believe me ? if you live in cubeland too just peek into a crooners cube next time you hear one.

Do I do it?, I must ask couple of my neighbours.


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