Yet another geeky thought


I came across this blog while surfing. This was so simple but made me think so much. I was so impressed that I decided to put it up here. So here it goes “She said and I said” is back

She said in her blog
“What do you normally do when you pass a sign that says, “Cappuccino or Latte?”? Do you take it literally and decide which drink you prefer? Or would your mind start thinking of the nearest relaxing cafe? Think about it for a moment or two. As for those of you who thinks of something else, please take your time to explain it in detail in your comment at the end of this post.”
Interested can read rest of the blog here

I said
“I had never thought about the choice I was making when I chose coffee till now. I have an interesting pattern you see, I choose cappuccino always on weekdays and lattes always on weekends. Probably my way of forgetting work and anything associated with it. Now that you have made me think, I feel this question represents to me what I want to get rid off, its not just work on weekends, it might be people whom I associate with cappuccino and also happiness associated with latte. Hope I don’t sound stupid.”!

She replied
“A person can never sound stupid when it comes to conveying personal opinions on matters such as this. I find it rather interesting actually, makes sense as well. “

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