5 things which I dont understand


There are so many times I have seen and felt people go gaga over something which I don’t understand. I might sound stupid here, but that’s how it is. I dont understand certain things. May be some of you will make understand these.

1. Today being Women’s day. Lets start with this. I really don’t understand what this is about, factually, is this someones birthday?, or some famous lady die on this day? I don’t know.
by values, what do we want to do this day?, Am I supposed to respect women more today? Or on this day they have more power? I actually feel its an insult to them. Its kind of telling them on this day you are way better than the other gender, well for rest of the year, we don’t know 🙂

2. Multitasking equipments. Pen which is also a knife, [Who wants that]. A Radio which can also give temperature, watch which is also a pedometer and so on… Who uses them for what all it can do.

3. I am sure one of my friends will agree to this. why do people put ketchup on pizza. In fact on anything. Wasn’t it supposed to be a “dip”?

4. Why people are surprised when I ask for black coffee, They make doubly, triply sure, “sir its black” next sentence will be “sir it does not contain milk”. Yes I know, Don’t make me feel like a weirdo.

5, Why people shout into their cell phones. If you are trying to show anger to the person you are speaking to, just try hitting him when you meet him next. Just to let you know I am least interested in your escapes 🙂


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  1. Cell phone shouting.. I dont know whether it is only in anger.. it could be even happiness, enthusiasm or just that people cannot talk softly 🙂

  2. 1. well..its nothing spl actually..just another day..we still do what we are supposed to do..but when you get something extra, who says NO..? 🙂

    2. depends on what knife it is..a paper knife is actually useful don’t you think..?

    3. oops, didnt know its a dip ! but do we always do things the way they are supposed to be done..? we just do they way we wanna do, which makes us feel better..atleast me 😀 btw, i DONT put Ketchup on pizza ‘coz i dont like it, else i wud have 😀

    4. does that still happen..?? where did you experience that..?

    5. well you need to get angry for that then you will realise that you too are shouting.. btw, do u ever get angry..?? 🙂

  3. wow shilps, loved this long response, you really took so much time in writing this 🙂

    firstly I give up, there seems to be nothing special about march 8

    i hate the taste of ketchup with pizza, so dip was just my explaination as to why i hate it

    well coffee happens all the time any coffee day

    the best part of your comment was
    ” do you ever get angry”, If I could let my mom answer this one 😀

  4. copncerning number five..which for myself I find the whole way are always on their cell phones to be a pure annoyance for me. The only thing worse than the loud shouting is when it’s done on that “handless” set up. One day I would like to witness a fight happen because someone was yelling on their handless phone and the innocent bystandered beside them thought the argument was directed to them….well fun would ensue and I would need popcorn.

  5. @throwingroses.
    Thanks for visiting my blog. Its funny when people with all emotion talk to their handsfree,

    hey thanks for the link

  6. 1. Same with Mother’s day, Father’s day…etc. Even Birthday for that matter (to some extent)

    But as far as I see it, its not a special day – just another day. But if you can, take time off and reflect on the occation.

    2. Choose what you put together

    3. I know who you are talking about

    4. I dont drink coffee!!

    5. Anger – sometimes you just need to feel it yourself – dont have to show it to the person who you are angry at.

  7. @prajju,
    The last point was about people who do not know how to speak softly into their cell phone
    BTW you know who the friend I was talking about WRT pizza right?

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