Before I forget about it


Now that, thanks to one of my friends, the mystery [at least factual ] behind March 8 seems to be resolved. I had to share this feeling.
Some days, without any reason you feel happy, yesterday was one such day for me. I seem to be happy throughout. People who know me, for sure know importance of such a day to me.
So here it goes march 8th 2007 was simply great.


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  1. same pinch !!
    me happy today for no reason !! 🙂
    now is this contagious..?? 😀
    boy, need to be away frm you ! :-))

  2. @jz thanks, you will have one soon too 🙂

    great happy days here again 🙂
    lets spread this to some else too
    what say buddy?

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