I need, I want


I just finished a book “Tuesdays with Morrie” by Mitch Albom. Let me just put it as, it moved me, gave lots of things to think about which I always love, but the best part was, It had all the answers to my questions. I don’t know how it could happen but. I would write a post about a dilemma and after couple of days discover the topic discussed in the book.

As I said before. It gave me a lot of things to think about. So now you guys know what some of my posts in near future will be all about.

Today I was thinking about How Morrie distinguishes between needs and wants. I had never ever thought on those lines before. People need food, but want expensive lobsters or elusive pizzas. People need clothes but want designer ware. People need job but want a high paying top class one.

I thought on those lines a little further. So is this wrong or right?, Are we not always taught to succeed?, aim for more?. I had always opposed Buddha’s saying, “Desire is the cause of all worries“. My policy [I don’t know to say was or is] was unless you have desire for something, there is no motivation in life. The desire can be towards anything. Money, love, success, peace, knowledge any damn thing. So If we don’t want something, just need it will we ever get passion to work towards it?. So today If I were to say I just need food, It’s enough if it fills my stomach, at the end of my life will I be satisfied with what I have done.

If I had not read this book, and had just heard this argument, I would have opposed Morrie as the way I did Buddha’s saying. Its good to be at your best. Its good to try to be the best. Its all the more important in which you try to best. If I waste all my effort in satisfying my wants on things like food, money, fame what will happen to my needs in a bigger spectrum.

These “needs” which I refer to as bigger spectrum. I don’t even know what they are. What a person like me needs. I was so much concerned about what I want. I forgot to think about what I need.

As I am self proclaimed “Practical” guy. I have come up with some needs which I need to work about.

1. Friends
2. Enjoyment
3. Understanding people
4. List of Things to get rid off
5. Patience


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  1. i’ve been thinking about reading tuesdays with morrie for years, but i’m from detroit–where mitch albom writes almost daily for the newspaper–and i ABSOLUTELY ABHOR the things he writes there.
    his style is so pompous…it drives me crazy.

    of course, the book could be fabulous.
    i’m asuming one is exposed to a lot more editing in the creation of a book, as opposed to an editorial for a newspaper.

    so, yeah.
    i should read it.
    maybe i should just cut myself off from reading him in the paper for a while, and then i’ll have some space.

    anyway, i really just came over to say thanks for joining wtb!?
    you might not show up on the blogroll until mondat, because jen’s away from her computer for the weekend, and i don’t play with the blogroll.
    the blogroll, it is a scary place.
    but, anyway.
    don’t worry, we see you, and we’re glad you’re here.

  2. I think I should start hunting for the online edition of that news paper you are talking about.
    Hey thanks for stopping by. hope I had something interesting to make you return to my blog

  3. @saumya
    good question. I definitely dont need to want them

    the next part is tricky, Do I need to want them? Its more or less asking why dont we “want” what we need.

    BTW what do you think, which among those I need? I think you can nail this question

  4. Can you say when and what at points your list of needs would become wants? Or will it never become wants

    I guess we will live with the dilemma always 😉

  5. @Vijay
    I want needs to become my wants, and also get rid of wants which are not needs. A little too Idealistic, but thats life, isnt it?
    As far as dilemma goes, I dont even want to think about it 🙂

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