A lost aspect


Its been more than 3 months after I started blogging regularly, and one thing which I have never posted about is my work, Its really strange considering most of the time I spend is in office doing the so called “work” in my cube land. One of the main reason for that, might be I hardly think about it, atleast not any more.Strange, But true.

Almost 4 years I started to work, not many days have been challenging, in fact very few inspiring to do some work. I don’t find many motivations which drive me to come to my workplace.

After a long time yesterday was one such day, which made me feel good, about my work and about what I can do. Its kind of fun enjoying your work. I had almost forgotten this. Its something to achieve what you are absolutely determined to do. There are few things which you are sure is beyond your abilities. But then you wouldn’t want to give up. At least I would try a little so that I don’t end up stupid. At the end, to crack such issues, is so satisfying.

I kind of wanted to celebrate this. Guys I said I feel like having cake yesterday and no one got a doubt, what I am celebrating? very bad …

As I am speaking about work. I have a small dilemma. As I am no saint, I still sometimes look out for appreciation or some times just a thanks makes my day. I am talking purely when I help people in their office work. Now slowly as I get more experienced my role in the team is growing too. Earlier when I helped people, it was something which I did because I felt like doing it. Now its part of my job.

The problem with this is I cannot chose persons whom I want to help. So the dilemma here is. There is this person in my team. He/she does appear very good when talking to you, and at the end of the job, does not even thank you. I don’t feel bad when he/she takes the credit alone. But at least “Thanks” how difficult that is.


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  1. Good luck on that whole letting-people-win thing. I think listening more and talking less is hard to do, but incredibly valuable. It’s an admirable goal–not something I struggle with very much, but when I DO think I’m right, boy. I REALLY think I’m right.

  2. @black sheeped
    Thanks for the luck, I totally here you when you sat “I DO think I’m right, boy. I REALLY think I’m right.”
    My try was to get rid of this one. where I felt right in things which are not at all consequential

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