Rediscovery of faith


Some time back I wrote a post on prayer. It does not seem that long ago. But still there is something which has changed rapidly. My faith.
Interested people can read that here
As I had told before, the literal prayers as soon as I get up have not stopped. Along with that I have started a small experiment.

On the way to my jog park, there is this temple. I started to stop in front of it every morning, and ask, Just ask anything I want. [I stress want not need :)]. All specific things. To give an example. I would ask “I want a person A to be happy today”, “I want to do something which will make me not sad at the end of the day”, “I don’t want to be angry today”. Many more personal stuff, but specific. The best part is it seems to work.

When I think about it, It all seems to work because of the cautious effort made by me towards what I asked. But the faith makes you feel good. It makes you feel that things which you cannot do on your own, faith will make them happen

So now lets get to the prequel. Why I did such an experiment?. Well I do many things for weird reasons, and I have one for this too. It all started about a month back or so. I always had this problem of asking for help. There are so many inhibitions and then there is ego too. Specially when it comes to knowledge or work, It becomes extremely difficult for me to ask help.

I had this problem at work, which I had no clue of solving. I had reached a dead end and was feeling too egoistic to approach this friend of mine. Finally I had struggle so much before going and asking for help. It’s good to have someone, whom you can trust to have answer to all your problems. It did not matter much at the end, because together also we were stuck at the same place where I was stuck before. At the end of that day I got disgusted that I was so hesitant to ask help

Next day on the way to jog, I came across this temple, and well, the rest has been told already.

The lost faith on a unseen power, seems to have been successfully recovered


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  1. you know it works for me also, but only difference is i just think about it and have it strong in my mind..but it works !! unless untill things go really bad and take a complete U turn…!!

  2. @shilps.
    Trust me. you will love these U turns some day, [If you are not yet enjoying them]
    Always like people who think.

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