Virtually Related


Recently I saw a movie which had a tag line “Some love stories are never meant to be understood“. I felt its not love stories it should have been “Some relationships are never meant to be understood”

I have been posting a lot about what I need, what I miss etc, I think I missed out on what I have. What I am happy about having. Its strange, We never seem to be done with our needs. We so much ignore what we have.

I am not sure its just me or people do this always, but all people whom I interact with, I end up having a virtual relationship with them. Well The above statement is not very clear, may be at the end of the post its more clearer.

I interact with so many people. Out of them, there are a few, whom I interact more with. Slowly as I start to hang out with them, This is when I see something more than just “Knowing”. They may be friends, relatives or even strangers. I tend to see characters of one kind of relation between me and that person. Kind of virtual relations. By virtual I don’t mind superficial, I have some really virtual relationships which care a lot about.

lets start with few which are not so much of an emotional virtual relationships
Big Brother.
Its always nice to have someone to look up to when you have problems. Someone whom you know has all the answers. And also someone you can trust to think for your good.

Fun uncle.
You always need someone to get your lazy ass kicked off from bed, and make you do things which you end up having a lot of fun at the end.

Commanding elder sisters
Who come once in a way into your home, and command full respect, and also make you do stuff for them, Even though you hate doing these, its really all fun at the end

Enemies,like this wicked aunts and uncles
A lot, some which are jealous of me, some whom I am jealous of. Some for no reason.

Moving onto the emotional relationships
Little brother,
Really nice to watch out for, looks up to you and always want to be there

Little sister.
No comments. But yes there is one of this kind too.

I talk about un-clinging, detachment and so on, I have not even figured out how to stop the attaching. The reason seems to be I don’t want to do that. That is I don’t want to “not attach”. Not always people are blessed with finding what they don’t have and what they want. If I am able to find that. I guess I should enjoy it.


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