Evolution’s confusing me today


I still remember an episode of the popular TV sitcom Friends, wherein Phoebe does not believe in evolution and Ross tries to prove her it is right.

We have all read and studied a lot about evolution, It is one of those theories which has become so stable over the years that even a thought against it sounds stupid. We do not get to see many people disagreeing with it. In fact only people who seem to think a little about that are the students preparing for their exams.

Scot Adams, the famous creator of the Dilbert series, has written a book called “God’s Debris”. I read this one about 6 months back, it really makes you question anything you believed in. One of the examples he takes in the book is evolution. Its really strange how something you read 6 months back, can inspire you to write a post today. Well, I think these kind of questions really makes it difficult to get an opinion out of me. The so called out of the way thinking in science is not what I thrive at.

There was this big debate about “Evolution” Vs “Theory of intelligent design” some time back in the United States. There was huge protest from the learned people when the theory of “Intelligent design” was introduced in the schools curriculum. I still remember fighting with my friend for about 4.5 hours on this debate. What I was for, was not the theory, but just the fact that students should be told all possible theories. Just because everyone believes in evolution it does not make it correct.

I am definitely not a person who believes so much in god, to think he created everything and Evolution is just a hoax by the non-religious people. What I am saying is just the way we accept evolution is a possibility we need to consider Intelligent design too.

Actually I totally lost track of what I wanted to say in this post. What I am not able to understand about evolution is, Why all of it happened in a progressive way?. Why did gorillas evolve into man with better knowledge, why not they evolve into something less intelligent.?
Does it mean there is someone who intelligently designed the evolution?Or as Scott Adams puts it, Is evolution just an observation not a theory?, something what we observed over period of time and documented.

Does evolution happens only to living beings?. Do the sand, rock, water etc evolve?. Is it that, we do not observe the evolution in them because the time taken for their evolution makes it impossible for us to observe the evolution.

The evidences which we have found illustrates the point of evolution, like amphibians who are known to be the bridge animals. But what do we have to say about the first bacteria or virus or whatever came into living first.

Our knowledge in these areas also have evolved over time, We have discovered many things which thought was incorrect. Is their more hidden shocking truths to this?. I would like to believe “Yes!”

One more question about evolution I had was, has it stopped?, are men evolving into something of a better species?. All I see is newer diseases being discovered and making humans look less and less powerful. Every time I think about this, I see the cure discovered and prove that humans have become more powerful.

Does the above argument mean, man has evolved into a better version of what he was. Just because we do not see visible difference in the anatomy we are not buying that idea? Is todays human the bridge species to something much more spectacular form of living being? Or its just the way the we were designed to be.

So many questions. I think I need a coffee break.


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  1. Oooooooohhhhh now thats a lot to swallow! I’d need some coffee too. lol
    Interesting tho-
    I do believe in God but I am extremely open minded.

  2. hey rambler its ok dude 🙂 ehehe anyways good luck and hope to get our email id soon enough! i u have one .. i mean hotmail/gmail or something 🙂

  3. Not the “Evolution vs Intelligent Design” argument again. But you left me no choice.

    I agree that “Theory of Evolution” is a Theory – could be correct, could be wrong. But nevertheless its a “Scientific” Theory. “Intelligent Design” is not a Scientific theory and there is no point in debating since its completly in the realm of belives.

    “Why did evolution happen in a progressive way?” – It did not. First of all define progressive. Natures definition of progressive is “Best suited for survival” – not bigger, not more intelligent, not faster. Evolution occured in direction – only the ones most suited for survial in that time/place survived. Rest of them died.

    Is man still evolving – possibly. We cant really see that in our short life span.

    As far as evolution of non-living things are concerned – very interesting to consider how a society evolves. Any individual does not know a lot (cannot do a lit). But collectively as a society humans know a lot (and can do a lot). Civilations have evolved and changes over time (what is accepted, what is not accepted as a society for example).

  4. @prajju,
    Its not about pro or against evolution, its just that its so fascinating
    As for as non living thing goes, I Was more talking about physical objects like water, sand rock etc.
    But very nice you perspective about society. Never thought about that

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