They called me "Worker Bee"


Jobless on Sunday morning. came across this test. This is what they think I am

Worker Bee
Your internal orientation and conscientiousness make you the Worker Bee. You focus on the internal world of thoughts and feelings, and enjoy spending time in smaller social groups or alone. You occasionally experience emotional instability, and time alone with your thoughts helps you relieve worry, self-doubt, and maintain your calm. You have learned methods to control your moods, and you know what works for you. You like to keep your life simple and the number of people in it manageable. You have a small group of friends with whom you keep close touch. You have a very strong work ethic and always follow through on your projects. Even though you are someone who is a bit difficult to reach emotionally (and you like it that way!), others know that you are a trustworthy person and can be counted upon to do what you say you will.

What do you guys think Is this correct?


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  1. @ireland.
    I thought that too, me “worker bee”??, I think I copied 😛

    Somebody made me do hard work some time back, payback time 🙂
    no comments no link.
    What say you? I know you have comments, common spill it out

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