Q: " I still dont understand, why anonymity " A: "Me too"!


As my twitter board said, Last week I was thinking about why I prefer anonymity. Actually I do prefer it, and unfortunately lately not been able to protect it fully. Firstly I am not that sad about this. It kind of puts the fear away, fear of letting people know the real you. [No I am kidding, it helps but fear hasn’t gone away]
So as I have been thinking and been asked too,

Why Anonymity,
1. If I were to given an article about “celibacy” and or may be “Ten commandments” by “Pamela Anderson”, what would be my reaction?, I would really doubt the honesty and credibility behind the articles and also in other stuff whatever she is famous for.The point here is, how much ever I resent it, I have an Image which has been created partly by me, and mostly created by thinking minds around me. I feel neither me nor my opinion would be taken seriously in any matter If people were to know its me.

2. The whole blogging thing started because of I was tired of finding right people to discus with. Specially the ideas I chose to talk about, or issues that I discuss about, Most of them seemed to be that dark corner in the house where no one wants to go. Then with the all the controversial opinion I did not want people to judge me based on any half cooked image they formed because of the blog.

3. As I have told in many of my blogs, I don’t think many people get me, or my real intentions behind the post. I really don’t want many people to get it too. So I kind of handpicked people who can know my identity. I know it was not fair. But I knew people who really would not judge me based on thing. If I thought they could handle it I gave out my identity. Apart from a single case, where it leaked out unintentionally, I can, If I want I can list easily, who all were given out identity, at what time, at what state of my mind and for what reason.

4. Not many people know that I have always loved being anonymous. My math teacher from school would definitely agree with this, she’s the one most troubled because of this. I always thought I was evaluated unfairly at school. I am not saying I felt cheated, but I felt I was more favored, because of many other things. So When ever I wrote a test I would try to pull of anonymity, by not writing names, sometimes other indications which teacher cannot easily find whose paper it was, without considerable efforts. This teacher used to be so annoyed at me for making her extra work.
Anyways the point is, I always feel people are a little biased when it comes to voicing out an opinion. [People includes me too]. As this blog was aimed at people voicing what they think about the topics I wrote about, I preferred my old technique of getting fair evaluation.

5.Lastly anonymity gives my imagination freedom to go to any topic it wants to, without considering the rationality part of it. Now being the so called Rational and practical person, I myself found the irrational part of my mind annoying. Well call it double standards, but mind does play its own tricks.

At the end of all of it, I am not so sure what I am doing is right, I am also not sure when or how I would come out of anonymity.

I hope I answered “You”, looks like even with huge effort I didn’t answer “Me” fully.

Anybody with same dilemma?, Want to share why you prefer anonymity?


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  1. I cannot remember if you have mentioned in one of your previous posts but we both agree that people do wear masks. Anonymity helps you to take of the mask and be the real you…

  2. @saumya.
    Ironmask yes, Anonymity helps. But why am I afraid of letting out the real me? 🙂 some questions are best left unanswered.

  3. I can only things of these:
    1. You don’t think people deserve to know the true you
    2. You are not confident enough to show the true you.
    3. You think people won’t UNDERSTAND you. So you think its not worth wasting the effort 🙂

  4. people dont deserve to know me?, I hope this is not the answer
    people wont understand me, not wasting efforts, wish I could say this was the case
    Not being confident enough, sad but true

  5. Rambler,

    I find you extremely confident. I think you would remain confident with or without anonymity. Sometimes we just need some affirmation. 😉

    *I do understand though*

    I guess I just don’t care anymore.
    Love me or Hate me… I know I’m a good person inside and out. 😉

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