Shameful Truth


After 12 years of schooling, 2 years of pre-university and 4 years of university, I asked myself how prepared am I about medical crisis? Answer: Not even close.

I came across this article in todays paper saying “Tough men do not cry”. It was about how men do not believe much about prevention. Actually the worse part is we do not even care to be informed about it. I don’t think this is something specific to men.

I started asking myself questions about how much I am prepared.

First aid kit.
Nope, not at home, don’t know where it is kept at work.
Little information about bruises and anti-tetanus. Nothing much

Heard of it, seen it on screen, No idea how to do it, Definitely no idea how it works

Medical emergency numbers
No not on my cell phone.

After such questions, I totally embarrassed myself, with lack of my preparation. So I thought, I might have information about diseases, major ones atleast. Here goes the next set of questions

Know how it happens, how it spreads. [Ah finally one thing I know]
Am I careful? you know the one thing thats shown in AD’s on TV, I guess we people are least prone for that means of spread, anyways. When I go for a hair cut, insist on a new blade, but the stupid fellow uses the same razor with a new blade. I know that can cause problem. But I seem to be surviving on faith. What poor precautions

Know there are lots of types, knowledge about a few . Not sure how all it can spread. And absolutely no idea about how to take care of people with that.

Apart from the acronym expansion, no idea about the various kind, and also how it spreads

A little knowledge about the stimulants and the causes. As I know couple of people with this disease know how to take care of them.

Well I basically got the point, that I am least prepared. I am not so sure how many of people around me are prepared either. How many of women around me are aware of breast cancer, Or any other commonly susceptable diseases for the women?, How many of the older man are aware of threat of prostrate cancer?. Do we even get checked regularly? We never give much of importance to these stuff I guess.

I really dont want to blame anyone for this. It just shows lack of interest. I would have read so many things just for the sake of information, Why didnt I chose to read about these? I have no answer.

Forget about the deadly diseases. Think about something chronically like diabetes, or high
blood pressure, or high bad cholesterol. How many of us monitor ourself regularly?

Just have to conclude this post shamefully, I guess.


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  1. I evaluated myself based on the criteria you mentioned below.

    1. First aid kit: dont have it at home but surely know where it is at work

    2. CPR: know how it works. Do not know how to do it

    3. Medical emergency number: 911

    4. AIDS, Cancer, STD’s, Asthma, Prostate Cancer, Breast Cancer – understand them well enough.

    5. Get Checked Resularly? Yes (things appropriate for my age)

    Things not on the list:
    1. work out regularly
    2. eat healthy

    But the ultimate questions is:
    We know all these helps to prolong your healthy life. But is it really going to help ‘Me’? Buy doing all the above things do you consider yourself ‘Ready’ for medical crisis? How would you plan your life different if you know you had a crisis on your hand?

  2. Prajju,
    The Idea here was lack of effort on me and other people to be prepared mentally equipped regarding medical problems.
    Regarding eating and working out, yes you are absolutely correct. not many people care about this as well
    My evaluation on those
    Work out regularly: yep
    eat healthy: not always

    Its not about it will help or not, its more about caring to learn about them. By doing above things, I feel pretty confidant to think in the right direction during medical crisis.
    How would I plan, I dont think we can plan for crisis, it wouldnt be crisis if its planned right 🙂

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