Dream, why?


I know its tough,
Life is full of difficulties,
Success does not come easy,
Games not won always,
Bucks hard to earn,
Knowledge is illusive,
Relationships tough to build,
People tough to please,
Smiles hardly seen,
Pursuit never ends,
Rarely when we do get them,
Why does it feel like a dream?
Why dream?

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  1. Dreams are illustrations… from the book your soul is writing about you.

    Even if the good that happens in your life may seem simply that of a dream.
    Never stop dreaming!!!

  2. @ireland,
    I hear ya :),
    I am not saying nor do I believe dreams are bad, even though I am not much of a dreamer, kind of happy with whatever I dream for.
    What I was talking about is not enjoying the reality, just the fact that reality appears like a dream, sometimes takes away the realness in it
    Hope I dont sound really stupid

  3. ‘Why?’ -it is most definitely the one question that shall haunt humanity forever!
    i liked the way ur poem ended.

    ps-i havent stopped blogging…will vociferously do so wen my exams are over!

  4. @leben sraum
    your comment just sparked off a thought out of me
    I think I go through this circles in my mind, which are always branch of from a point.
    I start with a question less approach to all my thoughts, then comes “How?”, this will soon be replaced with the question “Why?”, finally I go to the question “Why not”.
    Why not is the phaze I enjoy the most, because this forms the basis for my next thought.

    P.S “I like the way the poem ended”. hopefully the rest was fun too 🙂

  5. yep! we all tend to counter a ‘why’ with a ‘why not’….its the best way to throw the ball out of your court.

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