Blogful conversation


This is a conversation I had with a friend of mine last night. He has known me very well for quite some time now. He came to know I blog very recently, and this is what he thinks about it
[Actually this is what I think about blogging too]

Rambler : did u find it odd, with so many of them?
Rambler : and totally different things than I normally talk about
P : OK – my honest opinion (I am always honest with you guyz)
P : 1. Why are you writing the blogs all of a sudden – kind of bothers me
P : 2. I do Not find it odd
P : 3. Kind of worries me that you have some hidden feeling which you want to share – which you have not been able to do so –
Rambler : hmm good to know
P : If you want to share something – you know we are all there for you
Rambler : yes that’s correct
P : whats correct?
Rambler : If I want to share, there are people
Rambler : that’s correct
Rambler : its just I have found out how writing about things you think about helps you
Rambler : blogs are just a media
Rambler : as far as why I don’t share few things, its just the way I am
Rambler : I prefer to think about them that’s all
P : thats perfectly fine – just wanted to make sure you were OK
Rambler : and so many times what I write about, is not just me
Rambler : many times it might be you, S or any other person I have interacted with
P : yeah dude – we have been raised in a environment where free thinking is encourage – we should do that – we always have
P : I did catch on to that – many reference about me and S (and others – who I know is not you – but don’t really know how though)
Rambler : its like that person recognizes that
Rambler : and I am happy to give my opinion this way
P : exactly
Rambler : one thing I miss is the debates on topics which I want to discuss
P : but coming back to anonymity – everyone who reads and comments know your identity anyway
Rambler : hold on
Rambler : let me finish
P : yep – its hard to debate over blogs
P : or over IM for that matter – we are racing ahead of each other
Rambler : I hate when I don’t get good people to discuss
Rambler : so blogs, I get to hear many opinions
Rambler : from people all over the world
Rambler : let me just take an example
P : perfect
Rambler : say adoption
Rambler : how many people would give out real opinion
P : yes and no
Rambler : whats yes for?
P : I agree with you on some things and disagree with you on others
Rambler : what do you agree with?
P : agree with you on – people don’t give out their real opinion various things
P : the reason being they haven’t had an opportunity to deal with it from close by
Rambler : no
Rambler : i don’t agree
Rambler : the reason i feel is they don’t want to go against norm
Rambler : I know i have been there
P : yeah – I was coming to that
P : India is a society which is based on social norms. It works for majority of the people – they are happy to follow the norms and lead a “Normal” life
P : the society is “Designed” to make – say 90% of the people happy (90% is a number I pulled out of my ass)
Rambler : well I know what the norm is, I want the real opinions
Rambler : more than that different perspective
Rambler : which I get here
P : norm and opinion many times are the same – norms drive majority opinions and majority opinions drive norm
Rambler : norm drives majority people not opinions
Rambler : their opinions never come out
Rambler : I am not saying I am correct, but there are very few people who want to discuss like this with me
Rambler : i don’t mind correct/wrong
P : look – sometimes its hard to have opinion about topics which are not close to home
Rambler : do you think all the things which I have opinion about are close to me?
P : yes – India has another problem – people don’t discuss sensitive topics very often
Rambler : I wouldn’t say India
P : nope
P : but an average person does not think about many topics unless close to home
Rambler : I just want to discuss few things which I don’t know about
Rambler : and have some opinion
P : yeah – I take it back – every country (but whats sensitive varies from country to country)
Rambler : that’s a great part of learning
Rambler : yes perfect
Rambler : and then it also depends on interests
P : but an average person doesn’t care so much about learning – have realized this over years
Rambler : exactly
Rambler : “Care” is the word
Rambler : sometimes it frustrates me
P : they care only when its close to home
Rambler : no
Rambler : they don’t care
Rambler : what they care about is career, money family
Rambler : I am not saying its bad
P : yep – I agree with you
Rambler : I am just saying currently I have diff things
Rambler : that I want to talk about
Rambler : and very few people who care about those
Rambler : I don’t say they should
Rambler : for example I write say 5 posts per week
Rambler : each one strikes some diff persons
Rambler : I am so ok with that
Rambler : I cant expect you to comment about some poetry
Rambler : no offense meant OK
P : yeah – I know
P : Look – you got to realize that being ‘Different’ in India is a hard thing to do!
Rambler : Do you think I give up easily?
P : Not the “Rambler” I know
Rambler : actually I have got to read variety of stuff in blogs
Rambler : i like it
P : if you do something different than the ‘norm’ in India – more likely than not – you will be treated as a looser
Rambler : well I don’t blame people, I was so much like that
P : I don’t blame them either – people are who they are
Rambler : S said couple of times, she likes the new me!
Rambler : i like that, changes are visible now
P : Actually – I don’t see a very different ‘You’
Rambler : that’s interesting
P : you have always been vocal about your opinion
P : and you have always had opinion about ‘Stuff’
Rambler : yes the “stuff” is important here
Rambler : one more thing
Rambler : vocal to you does not mean vocal with everyone
P : and the only things that has changed – from what I can tell – is that you feel empowered since you have an audience now
P : personally – I am way past the point where I care about what a 3rd person things about me – for reasons you know
Rambler : third person gives you diff perspective man
Rambler : but you know that person is hard to find
P : I meant – people judging you
Rambler : oh OK
Rambler : I do care still
Rambler : that’s something I am working on
P : I don’t see good or bad either ways though
Rambler : its not about good or bad
Rambler : its just what you want
P : exactly – are you sure what you want?
Rambler : its not something you can be sure of,
Rambler : you will discover it slowly
Rambler : this is just making an effort towards it
P : yep – true


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  1. Very interesting Rambler! I admire that you are so humble in admitting you *do* care about what others think. “Of you, about you”
    I can totally agree with P, too.
    Like I’ve said before.
    “I don’t care any more.”
    But, yanno…
    I wonder if thats good…or bad?
    Hummmmmmmm, windmills are spining on this one.

  2. @Ireland,
    I had to think more than once before posting this conversation. I thought it would be too boring and long for others. But I had a good discussion after a long time and didnt want to lose that like the others I have had before.I really didnt expect any person to read this, honestly.
    You must have loads of patience.

    What I meant here was, Even I dont care about people. There are some persons who are not “People”, I hope you know what I mean.

    As long as you care about people, you would also care what they have to say about you.And I really dont want to stop caring about people.

    As far as you go, there is nothing good or bad, there is a thing which makes person happy. I believe there can be no bad thing that can make a good person happy. If you are happy doing something that cannot be bad

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