"Mind"ing "my" thoughts?


I had been thinking about this couple of times over this weekend. I have put across many times in my previous posts that I get influenced easily by people. Even my 3 year old niece has influenced me some times.
So this being a positive week, was just thinking if and when peoples thoughts are influenced by me. I wouldn’t be honest to myself If I say “I don’t think anyone’s thoughts will be influenced by me!”. I just hope, if there are some, they take the positives out of me.


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  1. I’d like to think each and every one of us leaves a footprint of some kind on the hearts af many. Positive ones and ones that we can learn from. 😉
    I’ve always been an observer of sorts. I look, I watch, I listen. Not in an analitical way.
    Just in a way that allows me to take a little bit of something from all that I see.
    *Does that make any sence?* lol

  2. @Ireland.
    “footprints on hearts of many” looks too deep 🙂
    I was more on the lines,” I thought about this because of him.” Kind of situations..lol

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