Hide N Speak


Many people are really straightforward and diplomatic. They always stand by the truth. They make sure they are unbiased, and get their thoughts quickly and as unambiguously as possible. Its great to be like this isn’t it?. If you ask me I am not sure. I still have this dilemma about which side to take in this.

There is a saying, “na brooyath sathyam apriyam”. This means do not speak out truth if its unpleasant”. This actually is derived from one of the teachings of “Yama” the god of death as per Hindu mythology. He is considered to be be the best in justice. Because he is the one who gives the ultimate punishment[Or appreciation in some cases] That’s death.

I am sure all of us would have faced a dilemma, where in we want to chose between telling truth and hiding it. I am all for not telling lies, but there is a thin line when it comes to not telling lies and not speaking out truth either.

I know that there cannot be something like a golden rule to follow in such cases. I end up relying on my instinct most of the times. I feel it also depends on the person and his/her mindset which
contributes to the choice he will make.

Knowing myself, Its very difficult for me to take a stance to hurt someone, just because there is
truth in it. I know its easy to just think about how badly the person will be affected when the
truth really explodes. But all said and done, we do live in the moment right. It may sound a little cowardly, but we do escape sometimes to live another day.I know that this is not a good approach, I don’t believe its bad either.

Is diplomacy answer for all problems?. No I don’t think that either. I do end up sometimes coming out with truth harshly. I had never dissected this further previously. I was just thinking whom do I do this generally with. Its more or less with people who I really care about. Is it because they are close to me I think they can take what ever I have to say?. Or is it because I don’t want to get them hurt later and want to prevent any more damage? or is it because I am more confident speaking to them?. Why do I end up being diplomatic in most of such dilemmas?. Tough questions to find answers.


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  1. “there is a thin line when it comes to not telling lies and not speaking out truth either”.. Hmm,, very true..
    But you know I feel it is a very difficult judgement to make. I am not sure whether my assessment and judgement of not telling the truth would be the same way the other person would judge it. So it is always a thin line.

    But I tend to tell it.. so that I dont commit the mistake of judging on somebody’s behalf. But again there have been some instances where I have thought a lot.

  2. @vijay
    Yes agreed, difficult decision to make. thats the reason I said I am not looking for a golden answer.
    It just boils down to the individual choices.
    Fun to discuss these things, isnt it?

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