Interim: At it

“Its a start of something good
Don’t you agree?!”

So goes Gavin DeGraw’s song. Its finally happened, I am going out, out from the normal, out from the mundane, into something new and untested.
Yes I am taking the break, from all that’s been me….
Before you make any more conclusions, its a short break. I Will be back in a couple of weeks, hopefully, with lot more thoughts and a better insight.
Now as I will not have blogs to bug you guys for next couple of weeks. I have put up a list of all blogs of mine which I have liked reading myself. Hopefully they don’t disappoint you guys too.
Check them out…

Here they are, [not in any particular order]

Fight against your beliefs

Inspired by the 2 Way

Acquiring Taste

Early mornings surprise



Embarrassing embarrassment

Parental blues from a non parent

Lift- My attempt at Haiku

Truth behind praying

Yet another happy post- What has happened to me.

Picking up from where left – A lone evening in a cafe

Goodbye – Wish I could do it

I need, I want


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