La Reprise


Yep I am back, and the strange thing is I am back with same song on my mind

This’s is a start of something
good, don’t you agree?!’

The break, I think was good, it did get me stop thinking about all things, things which I generally worry about. It got me out of the “routine”. In fact I did forget about work too for most of my break. I did end up writing a travelogue during by trip. It was nice and a new experience.

As I had written in my last post, I wanted to get away from all that’s me. Probably that was one of the reasons I did not contact or got in contact with anything I normally do. My phone was switched off and I did not log on to the Internet either. I had no access to emails and did not call anybody except for my parents [which I forced to].

So the question is, Did I succeed?, did I get away from what I wanted to?. Answer is “Yes”. More than the answer, its the realization that followed that made me more happy. I realized that it feels good to be me, I did not miss being me when I was out there, nor missed the things which I normally do, nor missed my friends, nor missed my work.

“I did not miss” was just a part of realization, the real part was that I loved the idea of getting back. I wanted to get back into my zone, wanted to write about all wonderful thoughts I had during the trip. I wanted to write about the lovely people I met along the way. I wanted to get back to my work and my friends. I wanted to know what happened in my absence.

Robin Sharma once wrote about the importance of a long vacation of more than 2 weeks, I just realized how true it is. A short vacation does not serve the purpose of the need for a break nor does it bring back want for the normal life.

So now that I have more ideas and thoughts I think I will end up bugging you guys even more.
more ramblings to follow..


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  1. Good to hear.. when u said, you switched off your mobile and also did not log onto internet. I mean that is something which I guess I will never be able to accomplish.

    But may be I don’t want to also. I am one of those guys who are always hooked on.

    Welcome back..

  2. Im so GLAD you’re back 😉 I really looked forward to hearing from you!!!
    I agree 100%. I think we all need to get away and “shut off” so to speak. Two weeks would do me great!

  3. @All,
    it feels great to be welcomed back 🙂

    I hear ya, I always felt I cannot disconnect from the internet,[not so much phone, I dont talk much over it]
    If you have read my old post about unclinging, this was yet another attempt at that

    GLAD is a strong word 😛

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