I wanted to say this to a person today, but didn’t. Anyways I am sure “person” would get the message from here. All I wanted to say was
“I am sorry”
I myself could not make out the reason behind my feeling to apologize, at least not fully.
If only we could find reason behind all our feelings.


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  1. hmmmmm u know what i think,
    if you really mean the sorry, then you should say it with the eye contact. that lets the person know tht u mean it..

  2. I agree with what you say completely.
    The problem here was I myself was not sure why I was feeling sorry, If I am not confident I cannot do anything with eye contact.
    Still I am not sure why I felt sorry, I thought I had no obligation with this “Person”, but still I felt sorry for not doing something which I need not do.
    [what I mean, is I felt I had to do something, which I feel I need not have done]
    pheewww complicated and crazy ha?

  3. Warning bells people. I have become so predictable 🙂
    This post had no mention to whom apology was intended to. It didn’t even have the gender of the person.
    Hats of to this friend of mine, [Sorry had to mention your name here] Saumya not only guesses the name of the person, that too in the first shot.
    I don’t know if its me becoming transparent or she knowing a little too much about me 🙂
    Anyways not complaining though, Remember my post “Joy of being discovered”

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