My Fantasy


People who read my posts might have already realized I am a little crazy, so here is one more addition to my crazy wants..

I need not mention that I am little of a movie buff. I enjoy watching movies, and even discussing and thinking about it. Or I can rather put it is I like thinking and discussing things I like, and movies happen to be on of those.

A persons likes and dislikes are something which lacks logic. I don’t think anybody can reason out why they like or dislike something, and other thing is there is so much variety in life that, people end up having very different tastes when it comes to anything, movies included.

Coming back to my likes, I have really enjoyed watching some movies, most of which have been termed bad by both critics and people, there are so many movies which have failed miserably in the box office and I have watched them over and over again.

Worst part of having such a taste is finding company to go to movies with. Its very difficult to find company to do normal things I like to do, I cant even think about finding company for movies I like to watch. That’s one of the reason why I have to think many a times before inviting someone for a movie. Not only it might result in totally boring them for 2 hours but also leave me with guilt at the end of the movie for boring them.

This might be one of the reasons for my fantasy. I always wanted to go to the theaters and watch a movie alone. [I know of only one more crazy person like me who wanted to do this , yes its you “Amigo”.]

Movies is something which you never see people going alone, at least I have never done it so far. If you really think logically, why do we need company for movies?. Once the lights are switched off, we hardly speak to our neighbor, in the intermission we have popcorn and I don’t need company for that too, and once its done we end up coming home. So why do we really need company for the movies.

One day during my recent vacation, I was thinking how it would feel If I watch the movie alone in a theater.[ Well really don’t know why I thought about this on vacation]. Just the thought turned this into sorta fantasy.

One other reason for the fantasy could be lack of people whom I used to go to movies with. Time does bring many changes, and one such is aging and drifting. I can still remember when I used to watch movies every Friday with a “person”, and even before that how I had another “person” to go to movies having almost the same taste as mine in movies, and till recently there was this another “person: who used to accompany me to the movies.

Whatever the reason be, a Fantasy is a fantasy isn’t it?. I think I am going to be out and about in a theater nearby, alone, soon


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  1. helloo, well i hate to talk between movies but that doesnt mean you dont need company for movies…
    i think it totally depends upon the movie, for some cranky movies u NEED To crack up jokes 😉 and the ones u r REALLY intrested in, u wudnt wanna any disturbance..

    yeah..watching alone is an intresting thing to do..

    let us know how it went?? 😉

  2. @shilps
    you only fantasize about things which you have not yet done.
    so going alone to the movie is just another fantasy.
    I tried to come up with probably reasons for fantasy.
    “Reason for fantasy”,
    oh oh looks like I need a break again 🙂

  3. oh .. i have done this watching alone before.. I mean I never thought it is something different. I wanted to watch a movie I would go and watch, if somebody was also interested he or she would also join.

    I mean lack of “company” has never deterred me from watching a movie.

    I have done it many times..

    So its perfectly fine. Go ahead try it.. this weekend.

    BTW dont tell your girlfriend.. else you will find her next to your seat 🙂 !! lol !!

  4. @vijay,
    I want to do this, I think I will do it soon 🙂
    [May be not because of lack of company]
    BTW going by my track record at the movies, leave alone girlfriend, I Would be extremely lucky to find a girl in the next seat 🙂

  5. I used to be pertrified at the thought of going alone…IE….everyone starring at why, wondering why I am flyin’ solo….
    Then one day I just up and went and I am so glad I did. It felt strange at first and afterwards I was good to go!

  6. @Ireland,
    So tell me more about your experience . Did you become a little conscious?, how did the people around you react?, did you feel a little sad that you had to fly solo?

  7. I didn’t have to fly solo. I wanted to, so that I could see how it felt.
    It was very strange. How funny that a simple act of going the theater by one’s self can be so alarming.
    Well… was and yes….I could see all eyes on me. OR…..
    That could of been my own preception of it.
    I bet the truth was that no one really cared. Or even thought twice about my being partnerless…”is that a word?” lol
    I’m glad I did! Would I do it again, maybe not…ha ha ha
    Nah….I probably would ;o)~

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  9. Well, you know what? I’ve always love watching movie alone. My friends would tell me before that I am weird but there are just things for me that work better when done alone, like watching movies. No one to bother me, no one to laugh at me when I get emotional which often happens when I’m in the movie – maybe its just the choice of movie I watch – but not really. would you believe, I even cry watching the annimated film: The Lion King and the rest of the Walt Disney annimations. I am not an emotional person but when it comes to books and movies, I easily shed tears. That’s why I need my space in doing this. How great it would be to find somebody as companion, reading and watching movies and cry together. Maybe I would enjoy it better.

    I wish you well.

    ~ Jeques

    why do you remind so much of me?

  10. now thats a fantasy i have wanted far too many times .. the company depends on the movie ..
    we went to watch race .. and thank the lord for my friend .. or i would have walked out long before the intermission .. making fun of the movie was whats kept us in .. and of course the money we paid ..
    but then there are movies like ratatouille which i loved and my friends groaned all the way saying “we went to watch a rat who is a chef” … they still rib me about it ..

    but then there have been times when they all have been so busy … like juno i wanted to see .. no body was intrested … i ws yearning to go alone …
    but i was too chicken …

    BB, watch Juno..its a good movie. and I liked Ratatouille too.

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