You are special


I had written sometime back about “joy of being discovered“. It was about how I felt happy when somebody recognized traces of real me with the help of the clues I provide. People don’t provide clues, nor enjoy being discovered by anyone or everyone. Its more like you “hand pick” few who, you want, to know you. But just like any other like/dislikes of yours there would be no straight logic whom you hand pick.

Today I was wondering why do I feel comfortable with certain people, what do they have that others don’t, or what to they do special that I get close to few. Tough question right. A person who prefers so much of anonymity and being behind a mask, choosing a couple of particular persons whom he want to tell everything, or whom he does not mind discovering every hidden feeling of his, is strange, even to the person himself.

First thing that came to my mind that might influence is the vibes, the vibes a person gives out while interacting with me, is he/she genuinely interested in knowing things or do they have hidden agendas. People who on seeing me do not rush me into something, people whom I have so much to learn from. More than all these people who look as vulnerable as me. I think I have this dirty habit of sensing when people hide something. I think I can make out if someone is vulnerable inside and are working hard to get past it. As my new friend puts it “Kindred spirit”. I think I am good at spotting kindred spirits.

I try to go through as many new blogs as possible almost daily, I read anything to everything thats been written in blog sites, still I chose very few people to comment, very few people impress me, But till todays its only two blogs, of the people I dont know personally, I enjoy reading so much. They both are very much like me when they feel something. They are as emotional and as strong as I am. I feel like knowing them a bit more. In fact a lot more.
For one of them I went off my way, I sent a personal email, with my real name and personal email id. Its good to meet and make new friends. Its even better to find a person whose thoughts you respect.

You might ask why all this. Robin sharma wrote in one of his books, in a lifetime you should make atleast 3 good friends. I think I have two right now, looking for at least two more. Before you say, “that makes it 4!”. Its good to overshoot yours goal isnt it? 🙂


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  1. I think it not strange at all. I think in our heart of hearts. Down deep inside in that place that knows, we know…
    We know who are the “Keepers” and who aren’t.
    Kindred Spirit indeed, Rambler ;o)
    I’m glad you’ve met such great new friend who share your thoughts and views or merly the fact that “yes” we can *all* be vulnerable at times. I too have met someone, who I am just *tickled about*. It’s a rarity…. but I couldn’t be more happier.
    Cheers!!! To friends, thoughts and the written word.

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