Three shots of double standards


I generally don’t prefer to write about social news, especially if it has anything to do with celebrity and paparazzi, Just seeing the importance given by the media on these celebrities makes me disgusted, I don’t want to add to the disgust of the reader. Today I am making an exception to this, just because of the sheer frustration that this media event has caused.

Looks like now-a-days Indian media and double standards seem to be inseparable. One of the most talked about events in Indian media now is the peck on the cheeks of “Shilpa Shetty” by one Mr Richard Gere in public . I have really no opinion about these celebrities. I don’t even want to care. But I am so disgusted by the media and the politicians. A PIL has been filed against the two stars and now I heard there is an arrest warrant against the two of them. Now who ever files the PIL must be a really ignorant person, or really poor who does not have any access to the other media in India. I agree some time back Indians were so much of a hypocrites that even though India was the largest growing population, any form of physical affection or even remote hints towards the “ACT” was considered to be inappropriate. But have these people seen any TV today?. Any damn soap had people doing a lip lock, and any damn movie has much more than a lip lock. The one that happened in the case of Shetty/Gere was just a peck on the cheek. Why these double standards?, Are people really that jobless?, fighting against something which not even holds 1% significance either to the public nor the people who were involved. I would really like to ask each one of the people wasting time, If given an opportunity would they have kissed Ms Shetty. I am sure the answer would be much more than a kiss.

Recently there was an article in a daily news paper about single women partying in the garden city Bangalore. Few of them had expressed their concern about how people try to make use of them being alone at a party and make move on them. Some of them also expressed their concerns in going solo to ever growing malls across the city. One of the statements in that article caught my eye. There was this lady who said once she had gone solo to a mall and a guy approached and asked her out. I agree that this a little over the edge and guys over do it all the time. But still somehow I don’t sympathize that girl. She tells how she was aware of the problems when she goes alone but still went along because she wanted to enjoy her evening. I tried to draw an analogy with male. If a male knows that a particular street is full of anti social elements who always try to harm people, and if that road leads towards an entertainment place would that person choose it, knowing the problem, just for entertainment?. I don’t think so. Even if he does, he would, with all his preparation. I am not saying what the guy did in the mall is correct. I don’t understand why would someone want to have just the result, without the side effects. I am not saying girls should not go the mall, I am just saying don’t crib about something which you yourself have chosen.
Lets come to the guys point here. I don’t understand what you have to do in a mall. If you are doing shopping why do you want to sit after you finish at the entrance and stare at each and every object that enters the campus which looks remotely feminine. Do you really want to spend all your time in a crowded suffocated place just hoping to get fun of staring. If you are really interested in making a relationship there are so many means, and I am sure staring or making an occasional pass at an provokingly dressed female is one of them.

After talking about media and people lets come to me. I don’t think I am totally out of these double standards either. I might have improved a lot, but still I have few areas where in the opinion automatically splits for different people.
I used to drink very rarely and never been drunk as such, but something which I don’t like is smoking. One of the main reasons could be that I cannot take lack of fresh air, and the tobacco smell makes my nose burn. When you look around you see so many smokers, I generally crib about that all the time. Still there are many smokers in my extended family and you just accept them that way.
One the latest trend in Bangalore, is the increased number of women smokers. Now few years back spotting a woman smoke in Bangalore was as rare as India winning the world cup :). But times have changed now. The other day in one of the cafe shop in South Bangalore which is supposed to be the place of so called “Cultured” people, I spotted a woman [not a girl] smoking. My immediate reaction to that was “what has happened to women”. Just a split second later I felt really bad that I had thought like that. When I can stand the guy smoking with her why cant I do the same to her.
Later I tried to remove the myth that woman don’t/can’t smoke. Still I know that lots of men have this concept of woman doesn’t or shouldn’t smoke or consume alcohol. Where as men shouldn’t do it, even though its considered to be the weakness its acceptable when they do.

If I list the double standards, I can go on for ever. It may not be something which is just India. Double standards and sexism does exist in different forms in various countries. Its just bad when people who are “literate” show how “uneducated” they are. Its also bad when people like me who know what they are doing is wrong sometimes can get such unacceptable thoughts.


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  1. Wow….this is a hard for me because here in the states it seems like “free for all”, so to speak…Everyone smokes or doesn’t….Woman like men alike are always on the prowl for “fresh meat.” IMHO…
    Our malls, gyms and so on are swamped with such people. At least where I’m from.
    The telly, is full of sex, drugs and scandal!!! It sells…it persuades, it’s appealing to the point of being appalling in my view. But what can you do??
    I don’t watch the telly like I used to. I prefer satalite or my puter’.
    Of course I can’t stay locked away from the rest of the world so I just go with the flow. I think it’s the person/persons choice to do whatever it is they do… Because you can’t change what others do. I’ve learned that the hard way…….
    My 5 cents worth 😉

  2. @Ireland
    Woman like men alike are always on the prowl for “fresh meat.”
    This is interesting, is it true?. I didnt feel that when I was in the states
    I just got a little sad that I failed in what I was avoiding.
    I agree we cannot change what others do, shouldnt they change on their own, I can take it when uneducated people who dont know right and wrong do these things, but not someone who is literate

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