Do you?


I think it is starting to break,
I can sense a loss,
I can feel the drift,
Do you???

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  1. Looks like I didn’t convey anything by this post. Its three people now in total who asked me what this is about

    huh? I have a feeling [yes a little stronger after listening to you] that you may have the right clue as to what I meant here, would be nice to hear what you thought, may be if it is not close enough will try to give you more hints :). Do write what you thought this is about

    What do you think I was trying to say here? common you are smart

  2. amazing photograph…and i like ur poem…the question in the end comes at the reader so sharply that there is no space to breathe.if this was ur intention…then…thumbs up!

  3. @leben
    Its been really long time, thought you’re not around.
    To be frank with you, I really didn’t think much about the reader when I wrote this, it was just what went through my head that day morning. And yes the question did come up in a flash.
    I am really surprised you noticed the three question mark. I was symbolic there to three people to whom I put this question.
    Not many people watch the details. you can find lot more like that 🙂

  4. @saumya,
    Still waiting for your reply

    You’re right Ireland, just after I posted this one, somethings changed which kind of gave me hope that it wont drift

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