Happy face


I am going with my earlier belief, belief that there are some people who cannot fool you, the act they put on does not work on you.
The other day, I was really happy to see “You” genuinely happy, the grin on the face said a lot more than it does normally.


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  1. sorry this is not a comment but a reoly to a comment, thats a song from tom petty, cant take any credit for that at all

  2. I understand Rambler…
    Smiles can be geniune when at that *very* moment, someone or something *is* making *them* happy. Then when it’s over, old things return and the smile may turn into a frown.
    Someone told me the other day that I looked so happy… It was because I was smiling at someone who made me feel that way!
    Funny how so much can go on in ones life, but one person can still make you smile even when it seems the world around them is falling apart.

    Hope that made some kind of sense!

  3. @A
    Hey have replied on your blog,

    I am not so sure was thinking about smile turning into frown.
    The person who you smiled at am sure would have identified the situation even in which you brought out that smile.
    When you have seen a person go through all the doubts in life, and then come to a situation where she could not have hoped for something better, it shows, the face says it all. And Me just as happy as her,for her.

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