Was I wrong being Angry?


As my day goes along, there are many things which, I read about, get spoken to about and think about, but there are only few things I feel as blog-able. Sometimes towards the end of my day I am almost certain what I will be writing about that day.

As usual today, I had something which I had thought to write about, but something happened on my way back from work that changed all this. So here I am writing about something which is making me think a lot at the very moment as I write this.

I have so many times written about, how I feel there is no logic behind a person’s like or dislike. I have had no problems in accepting that I like things are generally not so popular. Even when I don’t say this, many people have told me how they felt my likes were a little odd. All this have never bothered me. Today someone told me that “There is something strange and wrong about things you like, also its more wrong at your age“.

*took some 10 minutes to digest that*

My first reaction to this was anger. I have reduced my anger so much these days, specially these small things from people I don’t even care about does not affect me. But this one made me angry. I was thinking who the hell gave that person power to comment like that. Just because “person” did not understand what I think makes me happy, person cannot claim that I am wrong. More than the “wrong” part, the age factor made me a little more angry. What does it mean for my age. Who can determine at what age what should appeal. Even if it is that way I felt the person was too young to make that comment. Anyways I was angry for almost all my travel back from work.

After getting back home, I totally forgot about this. Only after my dinner began to think about what was told me today. what annoyed me, and what was wrong in the comment.

I have always spoken about what I like and what I like about it, I have never told what I like is the best, nor I force people to like what I like. I don’t care if people don’t like my likes. What I didn’t like was people judging my right and wrong based on my likes. How can one say, its wrong to like something when you have no idea why a particular thing was liked by me.

Things which give pleasure to me, is something very personal. I don’t think I have any responsibility to share why it is pleasurable to me. In the same way things which do not give me pleasure, no one can force me to be happy with them. Just because all people are happy with that, does not make it a reason to make it pleasurable to me.

As far as the age goes. I dont even think it has anything to do with my or anybody else’s like.

Have to admit, the anger went down realizing the ignorance of the other person.
Sometimes I feel I was angry because it may be the truth


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  1. Thier truth is *not* your truth, Rambler…
    Screw that person… if they don’t like what you like or dislike… who cares… Who died and made them king/Queen. No One!
    Like Mother Theresa said, “No One Can Make You Inferior Without Your Consent.”
    People should state thier opinion and that’s it.
    Often times people don’t know when to keep thier traps shut.
    Sorry… this kind of stuff really bothers me. :\
    Don’t you think for one second what that person said has any relevance. Okay…

  2. @Ireland.
    I definitely didnt feel inferior, I was always aware that not many people will understand my taste, in anything for that matter.
    I some how felt angry when the opinion was I was that “I was wrong”.
    I really appreciate people giving their opinion, even if it is against what I say.
    But giving opinion is one thing, but saying your opinion is wrong is another.
    Good to know someone is bothered 🙂

  3. taste and preferences are odd things to trace why we enjoy, or find solace in the things we do would take an overview of our entire life. We cannot criticize because we are attacking the history of another’s life. We may not always understand but we should smile at the little glimpse we get from someone’s life in their simple taste.

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