Unruly self


I have got this nephew of mine, nephew as in my cousin’s son. He is just around 5 and according to me has learnt all bad things a 5 year old can learn. He is good in school and talented too, but his behavior is something which leaves a lot of things desired.

Just the last week he was over at my house and his behavior and stubbornness irritated me so much. I generally don’t get angry at kids and in fact enjoy their company. This kid got on my nerves. The only thing that stuck me was, how badly the parents have brought this kid up. I was almost sure that kid had nothing to do with the way his behavior has shaped up, it just shows the failure of the parent.

Just that thought, and my memories went back to my childhood. My mom always used to tell me to do certain things in a certain way, she always used to tell if I am bad, everyone is going to think they failed as parents. I never believed her until this very moment.

For most of my childhood, my father was away, working in a different city, so mom had to do everything. She had to cook at home, take care of my books and clothes, get to work for her 8 hours of day job, comeback and make sure I have done with my studies and also cook me dinner. With all this in mind she still need to be the disciplinarian around the house.

As a kid, When I was told to put the socks back into the shoe, and shoe goes into the shoe rack. I used to hate my mom for making me do this. I thought when all my friends go home and throw the bad at one place and the shoe at another corner, why do I have to do this, that too everyday. I really did not understand the importance of the values she was adding to me. May be by force, but I don’t think with kids parents have any other way.

Recently I had a conversation with one of my father’s friends. He was asking me how I generally spend my weekend. I was telling him one of the days I will have lot of personal chores to do, like doing laundry, taking care of ironing, cleaning my bathroom, so I generally spend Saturdays doing these errands. He replied proudly that his son never gets home on weekend, and only thing he does about his clothes is dump them at a corner, and his mother takes care of rest. I suddenly felt so grateful to my mother, for not letting me become like that person.

Its very much true that your mom is your first teacher, and she does contribute a lot for you as a person. I am not saying I don’t have differences with my mom. On an average I have a fight like at least 4 times per week. But still I can never forget what I would have been without her. She should be the one to get the credit for the person she has made me, and the person she has prevented me from becoming.

Happy Mother’s Day MOM.


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  1. I am grateful to my mom for the fact that she really taught me the value of money. This is not to say that I don’t buy expensive things, but I sure as hell take care of them when I do.

  2. im glad my mom (and dad) brought us up nicely. they were pretty strict with us when we were younger and i rebel sometimes but in the end, i listen to them. and im glad i did.

    at least i didnt grow up to be a criminal or something.

  3. @Bianca & Jos,
    hey thanks for visiting my blog.

    You are totally right, Finance is something which I learnt from my mom too. Guess mom’s tend to be same worldwide 🙂

    Totally agree with you, but you know many people dont end up as criminals, but there are smaller things in a person which are hard to develop, and moms always help with that with ease

    welcome back 🙂

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