Yet another 21 day rule


Its been a while since I took up a 21 day oath. After my last 21 day rule wherein I decided not to comment on anything, I have not come across anything worth of taking the oath. Over the last week there were several instances which kind of nudged me into taking this oath. For the next 21 days “I will not help nor give suggestions unless asked to.

Firstly a little insight into what this actually means. I will not on my own extend help to anybody for anything. This sounds too selfish and kind of not like me. I can’t tell you, how many times this habit of trying to help people has made me feel bad at the end of the day. I guess people have become so much self centered, that they tend to doubt intentions of a genuine person.
I have this dirty habit of trying to give suggestions when people are struggling to solve a problem. I personally know that my intentions are honest, unfortunately people don’t. In both the cases for no fault of mine, I end up regretting.

Guys next time, you want some help or some suggestions/inputs, you need to come to me…
I guess this has to be one of the toughest self rules to follow. Hopefully in next 21 days I can make this a habit.


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