Crazy – A day in two parts


Today is one of those crazy days, days when I wake up and feel sad for no reason, more then sadness its kind of lack of interest in anything. I guess I can put it as daily blues. Day when I hate people whom I like, and like people whom I hate all because of no reason. I am not sure what I am searching today, or whom I am waiting for, what I am missing or whom I am looking forward to.
Crazy day ha!. I wanted to pen this down at a time when I am not sure what will happen to my crazy feeling. Will I end up cheered up by someone or something or will this be one such gloomy days.
Hopefully part 2 of this post will contain the answer !


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  1. thanks for offering to help over at wtb!?!
    email me at if you’re still interested, and i’ll assign a few members to you.

    (of course, you will be credited for any intros you contribute).

    if you don’t have time, don’t worry. but if you feel like helping, it would be fantastic and greatly appreciated. just let me know.

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