Crazy II – A day in two parts


Its almost 10Pm today, I am almost at end of my day. Lets do a quick check of my mental state. I am still not totally over the sadness. Most my day was busy at work, doing something or another. This kept my mind totally off the crazy state.
There was no one in person who cheered me up. I miss all those people who used to cheer me up. Where are you guys.???
One thing which did it a little was “Food”, today was the day for food. I had extremely heavy lunch with friends from work, we also had a nice chat during lunch. Dinner was again full and heavy, I went along with my cousin, his wife and his kid, my dad and mom, a full house at my favorite place. I had so much food today. The icing on the cake were 2 cold rabdi’s [A dish made out of condensed milk]
Hoping to be back to my normal self tomorrow.


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  1. yesterday, i had this day that you talk about ~ those days drive me crazy … hmmmm, come to think about it, the only times i felt somewhat okay were when i was eating, unfortunately, there wasn’t a lot of eating going on …

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