Let’s Discuss


Robert Quillen once said “Discussion is an exchange of knowledge; an argument an exchange of ignorance.”

I generally don’t share the source which made me think about a post. Specially not provide the link to that post. This is my way of protecting the original sources opinions. I somehow feel that many authors does not like his/her work being debated. [I personally hope this is not true]. Today is an exception, my friend here theSilentK talks about her thoughts when it comes to sharing things on blog.

Speaking of discussion, there are somethings which cannot be discussed, somethings which shouldn’t be. The tricky part is determining these “Something”. How do you categorize things as discussable. Which do shove as things that shouldn’t be asked opinion about.

To me its simple I feel anything which I feel worth thinking about, should be shared for people to discuss. I have grown up being closed to every body’s thoughts, I had been a person who once felt it impossible to believe “I can be wrong”. It took me quite some time to realize that everything cannot be right or wrong, there are so many intermediates. The perception and thoughts of individuals give us a lot think and learn.

Coming back to values, growing up we are all exposed to opinions, opinions of family, society, religion, art, literary works etc. The fun part is the values we develop based on these opinions, become the basis for opinions on the very same things. Its kind of a recursive black hole which we enter into. It takes a conscious hard decision to break out of this mold, into something unseen and unheard or say progressive.

The problem with this is, there are things which people may not feel comfortable to discuss in person, We put such hard boundaries we put to ourself, we sometimes shy away from our opinions. Leaving aside this problem, there is a bigger one, in finding the right people or the wrong people to hear opinions about.

I feel, Our values are things which even though strong, should be open to debate, to be open to hear what others think. It might take a while but am sure would help us in realizing there’s lot more, there is lot more people, thoughts and rights.


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