sweet cruel T.I.M.E


Its really nice when some one sparks your thoughts. Its even better, when this is done by someone whom you interact with for the first time. It feels nice to meet such people. I would have loved to talk about more about this, but I almost scared one person of my blog site by posting that report from statcounter. I well not do that this time.

Anyways, I got this nice comment from Gayatri saying…

U ve thought
U ve sensed
U ve felt
u know tht im ur friend? a friend who follows ur thoughts? and proceeds to get them in reality? I DO, do U??? ?
-cruel T.I.M.E (three qn marks are questioning

UR qn marks and forth one is for U 🙂 )
So there you go, My answer to your question

I believed in my friends,
Friends who would be there for me,
Friends who can follow my thoughts,
Even thoughts which are yet to be born,
they did see me through a lot of them,
But what went wrong?, not sure.
I knew there was a lurker,
A lurker who stood behind me all along,
Was he one among my friends?,
I refused to believe he was,
You cannot blame me for this,
Not many gets to feel his kindness,
Just when the sadness and the regret kicks in,
He starts his work, day after day,
Even before I can realize,
Sweet cruel T.I.M.E, he is done with his job.
A small follow up to “Not so cruel time”

waiting for your response!!


4 responses »

  1. hey,

    i tried looking at this site for your email but i couldnt find them, so im afraid i just have to write it here.

    well, i tried the google reader thing. i even tried adding my own blog and it works just fine. just type iamantisocial as the username and the service as blogger at the browse and discover feeds page.

    well that was i did anyway…

  2. Karlo Jo Bhi Karna Hai
    Hota Hai Jo Hona Hai
    Gujra Toh Pal Yeh Phir Na Aayega
    Kya Bura Hai Kya Bhala Hai
    Waqt Hi Shaayad Khuda Hai
    Ho Jaane Do Phir Dekha Jaayega…

    ur post reminded me these lines …

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