Me, Blogs, and Symbolism.


One of the great habits I have developed recently is reading, I had never imagined I had so much of patience in me to actually read a whole book, unless it was technical. I started with humor and then moved onto non fiction and then to slight philosophy. Of all the books I have read, the one style which I like a lot is symbolic writing. I simply love when the author can make two statements at the same time, the literal meaning gives out one story, and there is a bigger meaning hidden.

I have tried to use this style sometimes when I blog, Its like communicating two things at the same time, and its all left to readers to make whatever they can out of my posts. One of the recent ones which I liked personally was Foot in an open beach

Even when I read blogs I tend to look at such posts, I tend to look so closely sometimes that I tend to see symbolism even at places where it is not intended. Sometimes it would have come out unknowingly to the author, and in most others its just me imagining stuff.

Apart from the symbolism in my writings, I also have developed few associations to things around us. I am sure many more people develop such associations over period of time. You relate many objects around you in day to day life to a particular thing. Here are some of such things and to what I associate them to.

Water – “god”
Cappuccino – “work”
Noise – “Torture”
Friends – “Chosen few”
Humor – “Hiding emotions”
Discussion/Argument – “Knowledge”
White – “her”
Different languages – “Expression”
Writing – “Passion”
Flowers – “Life”
Laugh – “hidden pain”
Shopping – “people”
Morning jog – “My time to do anything peaceful”
Silence – “Bliss”
Touch – “Romance”
Regret – “Loss”
Religion -“ugly” “never understood in right spirit”
Feelings -“Personal”
Anonymity – “choosing people to know the real you”
Media – “lame”

Do you use symbolism?, do you associate stuff?, do you have some of these on your list?


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  1. My associations for the same :

    Water – Thirst…
    Cappuccino – Stress reliever
    Noise – Irritation
    Friends – Come n go
    Humor – fake at times
    Discussion/Argument – Waste of time
    White – Peace / Purity
    Different languages – Interesting
    Writing – hardly do 😉
    Flowers – beauty
    Laugh – enjoy
    Shopping – Necessity
    Morning jog – hardly go 😉
    Silence – Introspect
    Touch – feel
    Regret – Ugly
    Religion – Misrepresented
    Feelings – personal
    Anonymity – No confidence
    Media – Entertainment

  2. @Saumya
    Do you want me to believe this one?
    Friends – Come n go

    But rest yes it does sound a lot like you 😉

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